10 Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy Printable Coupons on Livingwell

shoppers drug mart coupons

On Livingwell.ca, there are 10 shoppers drug mart printable coupons to use on various pharmacy items! Right now, Shoppers has a bonus points promo for 2,500 points when you purchase any 3 of these participating brands. Some of the coupons do not have size restrictions either. All coupons expire December 31, 2011.

The coupons available are:

  • $2.50 off any Bendryl prouct
  • $2 off any Pepcid product
  • $3.00 on Benylin Extra Strength Mucus & Phlegm Plus Cold Relief and Benylin Extra Strength Cold Mucus & Phlegm products
  • $2 off any Zantac product
  • $3 off any Tylenol complete cold, cough and flu plus mucus relief product
  • $2 off any Imodium product
  • $2 off any Motrin Super strength liquid gels
  • $2 off any children’s Tylenol product
  • $2 off any polysporin topical antibiotic, 15 or 30g
  • $3 off any Tylenol extra strength, 100ct or higher

Click here to print these coupons.

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