20x points on cosmetics at Shoppers Drug Mart: $81 spent & $51 back in points

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Although I consider myself to be a frugal shopper, one thing I do splurge on is cosmetics. I find that higher end brands such as Estee Lauder, Lancome at Lise Watier work much better with my skin and have the “less is more” feel with their cleansers and moisturizers.

Like I’ve mentioned in many other posts, I love the reward value of the Shoppers Optimum program and buy most if not all my cosmetic products there.

This week at Shoppers Drug Mart in addition to the 20x the points on cosmetics and fragrances when you spend $75+, there’s also 10x the bonus points on all Lise Watier products when you spend $70+. I took advantage of both these offers!

Here’s the breakdown:

I started off by purchasing a $100 gift card for the base points on that, and then used it to pay for the transaction.

Lise Watier Hydrasmart moisturizer $40
Lise Watier Hydrasmart cleanser $24
Lise Watier eye makeup base $17

Subtotal: $81.00
Taxes: $9.72
Total paid: $90.72
Shoppers Drug Mart points earned: 23,490 + 1000 for the gift card purchase = 24,490

24,490 is equivalent to $51.55 on a bonus redemption day at the highest level, like the redemption coming up this weekend! This is the only time I choose to redeem, as the points are worth the most on these days, and they do come up every 2-3 months so they’re great for stocking up on grocery essentials or for splurging on electronics.

All in all, I spent $81 on cosmetics , but received about $51 worth of points which I think beats out any other reward program.

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