$3 off Cottenelle Toilet Paper 12 pack or larger printable coupon


The Cottenelle website currently has a great printable coupon for $3 off any (1) 12 pack or larger of Cottenelle Bathroom tissue. The 12 double pack goes on sale in the West for about $5-$6 while those in the East have seen prices as low as $4, so this is a great coupon to grab a pack of cheap toilet paper!

You’ll need to install the Brick’s coupon printer if you haven’t already in order to access the coupon. If you don’t have the program, you will be prompted to install it when trying to print. If you do happen to run into any technical issues during the installation process try some of our troubleshooting tips.

Unfortunately you can only print one coupon per computer. The expiry date is close at August 31, 2011, so hopefully a good sale will come up by the end of this month!

Click here to print your $3 coupon.


  1. Superstore (in the west) has the 24 double rolls on sale for $9.97 :-)

  2. Fortionos in Brampton Ontario has the 12 pack on sale for $4.44 !!you pay after coupon $1.44 :)

  3. Tanya

    Thank you Ruth and Amelia :) Will post on the Facebook fanpage!

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