7 Eleven: 828mL slurpee for $0.99 with printable coupon

7 eleven slurpee

Join the Slurpee Revolution and 7 Eleven will email you a coupon for a $0.99 slurpee!

Here are the details from the slurpee website:

Be the first to know about the latest and greatest and tastiest for all things Slurpee. And hey, as part of your initiation, you’ll be rewarded with a coupon for a 828 ml Slurpee for just $0.99. You will be emailed your Slurpee coupon to print once you have confirmed your email address. Your coupon is only valid until September 30th, 2011. So…the quicker you sign up, the more refreshing this offer will be.

Click here to register and get your coupon!

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