Airmiles Program Changes: New Points Expiry Policy

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Airmiles has made some important changes to their points program that will be in effect starting today.

1. As of December 31, 2011 all airmiles reward miles will have a datestamp of 5 years.

2. Reward miles earned after December 31, 2011 will have to be redeemed 5 years from when they were posted.  Ie. If you earn points on August 18, 2012, you’ll need to redeem them by August 18, 2017.

3. Airmiles is offering a new program, Air Miles Cash that  enables collectors to instantly redeem their reward miles in store on everyday purchases at participating sponsors.  Click here to learn more about this program, which begins March 2012.

Click here for more information about these Airmiles changes.

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  1. Is there any way I can change my air points to cash points, I am not very good on a computer , but I would sure like to try with your help Thanks

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