Extreme Couponing Canada for Better than free soap at Safeway!

extreme couponing canada

I almost forgot that today was the last day of safeway’s current flyer so I picked up some of the irish spring soap while doing my errands today. Soap is one of those items that has a very very long shelf life, so when you find a great deal make sure to stock up, especially if the item is free!

I talked about airmiles a little bit before, and mentioned that Safeway is my favorite place to earn miles because sometimes you can get items for free or even make money by combining coupons and miles.

Just a side note though, that to get Safeway Canada’s sale prices you need their club card, which is free to sign up for at any Safeway location!

So the breakdown:

3 x irish spring 6 pack soap $2.49 – (3) $2 coupons = $0.49 each

Subtotal: $7.47
Taxes: $0.90
Coupons used: $6.00
Total paid: $2.37 + 30 airmiles earned WUB 3 irish spring

The reason today’s trip was better than free is because I redeem my airmiles for shell gas certificates at a rate of $0.11 per mile, so the airmiles I earned today are worth $3.30 in shell gas. So I made about $1 and have 18 bars of soap to add to my stockpile!

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  1. Good work once again! Thumbs up=)

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