Extreme Couponing Canada Tip: Buy Based on Unit Sizes!!

extreme couponing canada

For anyone who’s ever been to Costco or walked through the multipack aisle of any grocery store, you know that many products are sold in bulk. This is the manufacturer’s way of leading you to believe that you’re saving money because since you’re buying the largest size, you must be getting the best value. This is often not the case!

A larger size most likely will have a better value based on regular price, but as a couponer you’ll learn to never pay retail. Smaller sizes go on sale because the company wants you to try their product.

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The large multipack size will go on sale less often, and when it does, it only amounts to a couple of dollars off where as many sale items go for upwards of half off. The majority of the time, you actually get more value from buying even 24 of a single item, than buying the 24 pack. In addition to that, you can use coupons, on EACH single item you purchase while you would not be able to apply that coupon to the pack size.

So when you’re making a purchase and are faced with the decision of which size product you should buy, calculate the cost based on unit of measure per dollar.

For example:

small bottle of shampoo: 355mL, sale price $3- (2)$1 coupons = $2 each
large bottle of shampoo: 750 mL, $7- $1 coupon = $6

2 x small bottles = 710 mL

Two of the small bottles is just a little less then the size of one large bottle so already you’d be saving $1 by buying the smaller size but if you have $1 coupons, you can use 2 on the small bottles but only 1 on the large bottle.

In total you would pay $4 for 2 small bottles, or $6 for one large bottle.

This goes the same for small or trial sized items as well. Just because the smallest size is the cheapest does not mean that’s the one you should get to get the most out of your coupons. Certain items, even taking into account coupon savings are much better value the larger you go.

Flour is a great example:

2.5kg sack: $4.50- $1 coupon = $3.50
5 kg sack: $6 – $1 coupon = $5

Just $1.50 more and double the size.

Another Extreme Couponing Canada tip is to make sure to always keep either your calculator or cell phone (with calculator function) on hand so you can do a quick calculation if you need to! But be careful, only buy the larger size for extra value if you know you will end up using it.

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