Canadian Coupons – Where to Find Coupons in Canada

coupons canada

Coupons in Canada are distributed in many ways. There are coupon cycles and new coupons coming out all the time. Get clicking and get searching and you’ll see your coupon stash growing in no time.

One very important point I want to make before you get started is, just because you don’t need to buy the item now does NOT mean that you shouldn’t grab the coupon. Coupons are free and are there for you to use on products you want to try or products that you regularly use. When you see a coupon, check the expiry date and grab a few for use later on with a sale. Then you can get the item for cheap or possibly free.  So, to get you started here are some places to look:



coupons canada

There are 3 major types of newspaper coupon inserts in Canada.

  • P & G Brandsaver – every 2-3 months (and also the best one!)
  • Redplum – about every month
  • Smartsource – about every month

These inserts can be found in your newspaper subscription, the newspapers that are sold in stores and the flyers that are delivered to your house or newspaper. This does depend on which area of Canada you are in though. If purchasing your newspaper, always check to see if the inserts are there as they are not distributed in every paper that is sold.


In stores

coupons canada

In stores there are a few different types of coupons:

  • Store coupons- certain stores have in store coupons, such as the Loblaw’s owned chain of stores (Superstore, Extra Foods, No Frills, Zehrs, etc) that can be found around the store in front of the products or at the front on the coupon board
  • Manufacturer tear pads- At the beginning of every month new coupons are put out by smartsource for different products. There are also coupons distributed from other manufacturers at various times during the year. If you take a browse around all the aisles of a grocery store, you’re bound to find some coupons that will be useful to you at some point.
  • Peelies- Sometimes a manufacturer will issue a coupon directly on the product for use on your purchase immediately. These are great as they are usually high value, but these should not be taken unless you are actually purchasing the product
  • Demos- On weekends especially your local grocery store might have a representative from a certain company doing a demonstration of their product in store. They might be giving out samples, or showing you how their product works and 90% of the time, they have COUPONS! These are usually special coupons that you can’t find regularly on tearpads  so I personally use my conversational skills to chat up the rep to get a few extra :)



coupons canada

There are a number of online resources where you can get coupons. These sites are partnered with manufacturers so you can order coupons from the site and they will mail it to you for free!

  • coupons from a variety of manufacturers and is constantly adding new coupons, so check back often! You can often reorder after 1 month as well.
  • www.brandsaver.caoffers coupons from Proctor and Gamble every 2 or 3 months when their newspaper issue comes out.
  • offers coupons from various manufacturers and lets you order once a week!

There are also printable coupons offered by many sites for use right away! A few notable ones are:

Some company websites will also offer a coupon for a product they are trying to promote. I will get a printable coupon section up soon that lists them all for you!


From the Company

Do you have products that you use all the time? Are you brand loyal to a certain company? Have you ever had a complaint about a product you were unsatisfied with? Well, the company wants to hear all this feedback from you. And quite often, if you let them know that you love their products and use them all the time they’ll send you complimentary coupons as a thank you for being a loyal customer.  If you had an unsatisfactory experience with defective item they may send you a replacement coupon.

The most difficult area of marketing for any company is not reaching new customers, it’s keeping their old ones and they will go to great lengths to do so and let you know that you are appreciated.


  1. what a great site. Thank you


  2. A friend of mine just recommended this site to me. You have done great work! I now subscribe via email.

  3. Very helpful overview. There seems to be far fewer coupons in Canada then in the US.

    • Tanya

      Unfortunately yes, Cameron. The coupon inserts that come in US newspapers are always much fuller than the ones found in Canada. That isn’t to say that couponing in Canada doesn’t save a lot of money, it definitely does, but opportunities for those major savings are more limited.

  4. hi im new to couponing and i understand what stacking coupons is but i was reading safeways policies and the say no doubling can you explain to me what doubling on coupons is?

    • Tanya

      Hi Cheryl,

      Some stores offer special promotions where they will double the value of your coupon for that day, so a $1 coupon becomes a $2 coupon, a $2 coupon becomes a $4 coupon etc. This is not very common in Canada though. It happens once or twice a year at Pharmasave and there is one Co-op location in Ontario I know of that has a monthly double coupon day.

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