Extreme Couponing Canada Canadian Tire scratch card buys and a small LD trip!

extreme couponing canada

I was able to get 4 Canadian Tire scratch cards, so I took advantage of the $5.47 Charmin sale at Canadian Tire! Only got 1 $5 off scratch card, and 3 $3 Tim’s cards (only 2 pictured) but I’m still happy with the Tim Horton’s gift cards since I tend to pick up quite a few ice caps in the summertime.

Breakdown (4 transactions):

4 x Charmin toilet paper $5.47 – (4)  $0.50 coupons from brandsaver- (1) $5 scratch card= $14.88

Taxes: $2.64
Coupons used: $7
Total paid: $17.52 + got $9 worth of gift cards to Tim Hortons = $8.52 paid

After that headed off to LD:

1 x Revlon large nail clipper $4.49 – $4 stack from glow magazine= $0.49
1 x Revlon small nail clipper $2.99 – $2 coupon from glow magazine = $0.99

Subtotal: $7.48
Coupons used: $6
Total paid: $2.37

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