Canadian Tire Scratch Card Promo: Everyone’s A Winner *March 3/12 Only

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Canadian Tire is having another scratch card promo! These scratch cards should be mailed to you home with the flyer, but if not some stores will have a small bundle to give out. These are all gone in the morning though, so go early!

You could win $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100 off your purchase or 1 of 3 $5,000 gift cards!

Scratch cards are valid only if scratched at Canadian Tire in front of the cashier anytime Saturday March 3, 2012.

Everyone’s a Winner so you’re guaranteed at least $5 off your bill!


  1. On the “Everyone’s A Winner” scratch card promo, do you have to purchase something inorder to have it scratched? In this ad it states that it only has to be scratched in front of a teller. It also states on the card that no purchase is necessary. Do you have to purchase something to have it scratched?

    • Tanya

      Hi Martin,

      I’ve seen people get it scratched at Customer service first so they know what value of items to pick out but the majority of people purchase something around $5 and have the cashier scratch it at checkout since you’re guaranteed at least $5 and the chances of getting that are very high

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