Canadian Tire Scratch Card Promo July 2nd and 3rd

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Canadian Tire is having another scratch card promotion! If you’ve never participated in this promo before, I highly recommend it. Usually there will be a prize of $5 off your CT purchase and a secondary prize that is more common. Some previous secondary prizes have been FPC m&m meat shop burgers, FPC McCain cake, free lindt chocolate. The prizes this time are:

  • 1 of 3 $5000 Canadian Tire gift cards
  • $5 off your purchase of $5 or more
  • $3 Tim Hortons Quickpay Tim Card

These scratch cards come in your Canadian Tire flyer that is either delivered with your flyer bundle or straight to your mailbox. If you don’t receive one in the mail, you can get one in-store as well! There is no purchase necessary, provided that you get either the $5000 gift card or $3 tims card, but I always find it easier to just purchase something cheap.

I love CT scratch card promotions because I use them to stock up on items that I normally don’t have coupons for, or can’t get for free otherwise!


  1. Felt to be cheated by Canadian Tire. After present the Scratch card to cashier with a bunch purchase, we we told we won $3 Tim’s card, but they don’t have the card, and will never have anymore. We were given two options either to complaint with a phone number or suck it up to get lost.

    So we chose to get lost.

    • Tanya

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience Louis. That is extremely poor business practice. I would be very upset as well. Unfortunately Canadian Tire is a franchise, so each store may be run a little differently in how they handle their promotions. In the past when my local CT runs out of promotional coupons or cards they offer a discount equivalent to the amount of that prize.

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