Extreme Couponing Canada: April Tearpads Coupons Found Today

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extreme couponing canada

Today Emily and I went coupon hunting for April tearpads and were pleasantly surprised when we found a lot more variety than we were expecting! Lots of coupons with long expiry dates as well which is great news for coupon binder and folder storing! There are some stacking opportunities with a few of these for those out west as well as opportunities for excellent coupon match-ups in the near future.

Most of today’s tearpads came form Shoppers Drug Mart, a few from Save on Foods & some from IGA.

Keep in mind that tearpad selection varies from store to store and by region. We’re in BC. We post in order to inform you of what’s available, what to keep an eye out for and hope you find it helpful during your own coupon hunting trips!

Here are the details from left to right, top to bottom:

$1 off any Egg Creations French Toast Blend 500g liquid egg product (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$1 off any Egg Creations 500g liquid egg product (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$3 off a CanesOral Combi-Pak (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$4 off L’oreal Sublime Mousse (Expiry: Dec 31/12 ) (rollover from last month)
Buy any 3 Knorr Products and Get One FREE (Expiry: Dec 31/12 ) (found previously as well, keep an eye out for store displays)
$1 off any Smucker’s dessert topping product (Expiry:  April 30/13)
$3 off Centrum for Men or Women (Expiry: Nov 30/12)

$2 off any Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Refills (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$3 off any 2 Curel or Jergens Lotions 220ml or larger (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$5 off Nicorette Gum Handy Pack 25ct or 100ct (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$1 off any Live Clean Product (NO expiry date)
$2 off any one 400g or 454g Risprocate Organic Coffee (Expiry: Dec 31/13 )
$0.50 off any flavour of TrueBlack 1.36L (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$3 off Advil Nighttime 20′s or 40′s (Expiry: Nov 30/12 )
$0.75 off High Liner Crusted Fillets 250g product (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$0.50 off any Carr’s product 125g – 220g (Expiry: May 31/12 )

$3 off Vichy Normaderm (Expiry: May 31/12 )
$0.75 off Island Farms Simply 2% Yogurt 650g, 3 x 175g or 1 x Multipack (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$1.50 WUB 2 Kotex Natural Balance Products (Expiry: June 1/13)
$1 off any Dove Men+Care Body+Face Wash, (Expiry: June 30/12)
$1 off any Melitta Coffee (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$0.75 off any Melitta Filter (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$0.50 off any Sharwood‘s product (NO expiry date)
$3 off Purina One Smartblend Premium Dog Food 2.7kg or larger (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$0.50 off selected Uncle Ben’s Rice (Expiry: Oct 31/12)
$3 off any Garnier Nutrisse Mousse Haircolor Product (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$1 off any one Tresemme Split Remedy Product (Expiry:  Sept 26/12)

$1 off any St. Ives Facial Scrub or Cleanser Product (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$5 off Dr. Scholl’s Skin Tag Remover (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$2 off any Schick Hydro Razor (Expiry: Dec 31/12 )
$0.50 off Nutri-Grain Superfruit Flavours Bars, 295g (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$0.50 307g Farkay Noodles (NO expiry date)
$2 off L’oreal Paris Hair Expertise Products (Expiry: Oct 17/12)

If you have any questions or need any details about any of the coupons feel free to leave a comment!

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Extreme Couponing Canada: March Tearpad Coupons Found Today

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extreme couponing canada

Those who follow Extreme Couponing Canada on Facebook know that I headed out to look for the new tearpad coupons yesterday evening. Good news is there were some great finds!

A tip when looking for tearpads is to go with a friend or family member and try to aim for an area with a few stores within walking or close driving distance. 2 sets of eyes are better than one! I go on these big hunting trips with my friend and fellow coupon fanatic Emily and we tend to score a of lot finds when we go together.

The majority of the coupons were found at Save on Foods and Shoppers Drug Mart with the exception of the $0.75 D’italiano which was found at Zellers, The $3 Tylenol Cough/Cold which was found at Walmart and the Chocolate eggs, Del Monte and McVitie’s found at IGA.

So here’s what we found from left to right, top to bottom (booklet covers shown next to corresponding coupons):

  • $0.75 off any D’italiano Product, exp Sept 30/12
  • $2 off when you buy any 4 Participating Kraft Foods products (any variety), exp April 7/12
  • $0.75 off any Adams product, exp July 30/12
  • $0.75 off any Smucker’s product, exp July 30/12
  • FREE Trop50 vitamin enhanced juice beverage (1.75L, any variety) when you buy any 3 participating Quaker products, exp April 18/12
  • $1 off Harvest Splendour Medleys, exp  May 31/12 (from last month as well)
  • $3 off any Zantac product, exp July 31/12
  • $2 off any Revlon Beauty Tools, exp June 30/12
  • $1 off any Lactantia Lactaid 2L Lactose Free Milk, exp June 30/12
  • $3 off any adult Tylenol Cold & Sinus Product, exp June 1/12
  • $3 off any Tylenol Arthritis Pain product (50 caplets or larger). exp July 31/12
  • $1 off any Lever 2000 Bar (4 Pack) or Body Wash. exp  May 31/12
  • $4 off L’oreal Sublime Mousse, exp Dec 31/12
  • $1 off any Noxema Product, exp Aug 31/12
  • $1 off on the purchase of any 2 Del Monte Fruit Snacks 108g and 324g sizes, exp  Sept 30/12
  • $1 off any Nativa Organics Cereal (Only at Shoppers Drug Mart), exp Mar 30/12
  • $3 off Benylin All-In-One Cold & Flu product, exp  July 31/12
  • FREE Aero, Coffe Crisp or Rolo Egg when you buy 3 (23g-32g), exp May 1/12
  • $0.50 off any McVitie’s Product 300g – 500g,  exp May 31/12
  • $3 off any Adult Tylenol Cough/Cold Product, exp April 30/12
  • $0.50 off any Mrs Renfro’s Salsa, exp Dec 31/13

If anyone needs any extra details from any of the coupons, feel free to leave a comment below!

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Coupons Canada: More February Tearpad Coupons To Look For!

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extreme couponing canada


A very lovely reader, Sylvia G. sent me this photo and the details of some February tearpads she was able to find, most of which weren’t included in my last February tearpad posts here and here.

Be on the lookout for these great coupons! Details are listed below

Found at Walmart:

  • Jamieson $3 on any Q10 prod, “& or” Jamieson $2 on any Omega Product
  • $2 off any size or format of Gaviscon
  • $2 off WUB 2 tums
  • $3 any Garnier Ultra Lift product
  • $2 Garnier any product from the PURE line
  • $3 WUB 2 Aveeno Products
  • $2 a Simple Product/$5 off WUB 2 Simple Products

Found at London Drugs:

  • $2 Revlon Beauty Tools
  • $2 Marcelle Waterproof eye makeup remover OR Xtension plus Mascara- this one is tiny!

Found at Shoppers Drug Mart:

  • $3 Pepcid Dual Action Pepcid Complete
  • $5 ColdSore FX treatment
  • $2 off Healthy Look Creme Gloss hair dye by L’oreal
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More February Tearpads Found Recently

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extreme couponing canada

Over the past few days I’ve found a few new tear pad coupons that might interest a few of you. Some of these might not be new, but it’s always good to know what’s available and current to keep an eye out for!

Brisk and Energizer were found at Price Smart Foods, Simple and Aveeno were found at Walmart, John Frieda was found at London Drugs.

Coupon details from left to right, top to bottom:

  • Buy One 12 x 355mL Pack of Brisk beverage (any flavor) and Get One FREE 1l Brisk beverage (any flavor), exp Nov 30/12
  • $5 off the purchase of any 2 John Frieda hair care products, exp June 20/12
  • $1 off any batter pack from Energizer, exp May 31/12
  • $3 off the purchase of any 2 Aveeno products, exuding lip care, bar soap and 71 ml moisturizer, exp Dec 31/12
  • $2 off any 1 Simple Product or $5 off any 2 Simple Products, exp Dec 31/12
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Canadian Coupons: February Tearpad Coupons Found Today

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extreme couponing canada

I stopped by a few Safeway locations today to see if the new February tearpad coupons were up and they were! Unfortunately the coupon I had been really looking for was all cleaned out at every single location.

There are supposed to be tear pad coupons for $0.75 any Catelli pasta product up this month which matches up perfectly to this week’s $1 sale at Walmart. Keep your eyes out for them! Since this months coupons are just rolling into stores now, I expect this tear pad coupon will be extremely hard to find considering that it’s a high value coupon for a staple grocery item.

Nevertheless, I still found some great tearpads, including the VH sauces that are stackable!

Here are the details from left to right and top to bottom:

  • $1 off WUB any 2 Campbell’s Ready to Use Broths 900mL or Condensed Low Fat Cream Soups 284 mL, exp Apr 30/12
  • $2.50 off any Benylin Mucus & Phlegm or Adult Benylin Product, exp  Mar 31/12 (Thanks Sylvia for mailing these! Spotted at Walmart as well)
  • $0.75 off one Uncle Ben’s Bistro Express Rice, exp Sept 31/12
  • $3 off any Nutrisse Mousse Haircolour Product, exp Dec 31/12 (found at Walmart a few days ago)
  • $1 off a package/bag of Kraft Amooza Twists, exp Apr 30/12
  • $1 off any Astro Original Greek Products 500g, exp  Sept 30/12
  • $1.50 off any Folger’s Black Silk Coffee or Full Awakenings Coffee OR Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup Portion Pakcs, exp Aug 31/12
  • $2 off the purchase of any 2 VH Sauces, exp March 31/13
  • $3 off Centrum Cardio, exp July 31/12
  • $1 off McCain’s Harvest Splendour Medleys, exp May 31/12
  • $0.75 off any one V8 V-Fusion Beverage, exp June 30/12
  • $0.75 off any 1 VH Thai or Indian Market Sauce, exp June 30/12
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January Tearpad Coupons Found Today

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extreme couponing canada

Stopped by a few stores to pick up some tearpad coupons this afternoon and was very pleased to find a tearpad for eggs! It does expire at the beginning of March but we go through a lot of eggs in this household.

There weren’t too many coupons, and I’m aware of some tearpads out that I wasn’t able to find but I’ll use at least half of these so it was a good coupon hunting trip!

If anyone needs any details from any of the coupons, feel free to leave a comment!

Here are the details of what we found today (read from left to right, row by row corresponding to photo):

  • $1 off any purchase of Naturegg Simply Egg Whites or Free Run Simply Egg Whites 500g Liquid Egg Whites, exp Dec 31/12
  • $3 off the purchase of CanesOral Combi-Pak, exp Dec 31/12
  • $1 off any (2) VH Steamers, exp May 31/12
  • $1 off any Gardein Product, exp May 31/12
  • $3 off any Benylin Extra Strength Mucus & Phlegm Product (excl 100 mL), exp  June 30/12
  • $3 off any Motrin Liquid Gels Product, exp Feb 29/12
  • $1 off with the purchase of 2 dozen eggs (valid in BC only), exp March 1/12
  • $0.75 off any Smucker’s product, exp April 30/12
  • $1 off when you buy 4 Campbell’s Soups, exp Mar 31/12
  • Aspirin 81 mg $0.10/litre Mail in Rebate Form, valid for purchase & mail-in until April 30/12
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