Back to school time = GREAT time for coupon binder shopping!

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back to school shopping

Tomorrow is back to school day for students, which means last minute scrambling for school supplies. It also means fantastic school supply sale and clearance deals! Pens, pencils, notebooks and most importantly binder prices will be slashed very soon and the selection at this time of year is better then any other.

If you’re in the market for a new coupon binder, now is the perfect time to pick one up! For beginners, smaller flexi binders are a great choice. For more extreme couponers, zipper binders are ideal. They have compartments for your pens, your calculator, flyers and are sturdy enough to hold your hundreds or thousands of coupons!

extreme couponing canada

Remember to also pick up some card/photo holders to organize your coupons. I got mine at Staples for $5 for a pack of 10 I believe. A little on the pricier side but they are very durable and have held up extremely well for the past year and a half. I have also seen these inserts at Dollarama and other dollar stores. If you’re looking for larger inserts, try a photo store.

Post it notes or binder dividers are also an essential for keeping categories organized! You’ll definitely be able to find these items at rock bottom prices this week and next week, so if you’ve been planning to organize your coupons into a nifty binder, now is a better time than ever.

Share your binder photos with us too! Would love to see how everyone organizes their coupons!

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Today was extreme coupon organization day!

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extreme couponing canada

Due to my busy schedule lately, I have not been keeping up with expiries or organizing my coupons at all. So today, I took a couple of hours to reorganize my binder, inserts and mailouts and throw away all the May expiries. There were tons of them since the p&g brandsaver coupons for the last quarter just expired.

This was when I was just getting started. I should have taken a photo of when I really started to get into it. I started at the dining table but had to move to the floor because there just wasn’t enough room!

Everyone has their own method of organization that works for them, and I find this method works the best for me. I have 4 separate places where I keep my coupons.

Extreme couponing canada tool # 1: Coupon Binder

extreme couponing canadaextreme couponing canada

These are 2 sections of my 11 section binder. I used hockey card, and photo holders to organize everything. I like this method because it’s extremely organized and when you flip through each page you can see which coupons you have which makes it easy to match to sales when you’re looking through flyers.  Although unlike most of the couponers on TLC’s Extreme Couponing I don’t carry this to the store with me.

Extreme couponing canada tool # 2: Coupon Folder

extreme couponing canada

Instead, I have this portable coupon folder that I organize alphabetically and take with me when I grocery shop. The coupons I plan to use for the trip go in the front and coupons for products I use or would like to try go in the other sections. It’s a great idea to grab one of these portable folders to keep coupons on hand if you spot an unadvertised or clearance sale.

Extreme couponing canada tool # 3: Coupon Box

extreme couponing canada

You can’t always get to organizing right away each and every time you find a new coupon. So, I have this coupon box that I keep on my desk where I put my coupons that don’t fit in my binder, or that are waiting to be organized. This way, they are all in one place and easy to sort through if you  need them.

Extreme couponing canada tool #4: Insert and Mailout folder

extreme couponing canada

I couldn’t get a good picture of my insert and mailout folder, but it’s underneath my coupon box. I keep all my inserts in there, as I only cut out what I need from those and keep the rest just in case. Mailouts, especially have many coupons on many sheets, so along with inserts I only cut out what I need and keep the extra here.

Hope you enjoyed reading through my organization method! It took me a good 2 hours to sort through everything today, how long does it usually take you? You can comment at the top of the post and share your extreme couponing canada methods.

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