PC Plus Program Starts in RCSS Locations Today!

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pc plus

As advertised in Real Canadian Superstore flyers, the PC Plus points program starts in most stores today! You do not need to be a PC financial member to sign up for a card, it works like a Shoppers Optimum point membership.

Sign up in-store or via the app and checkout this week’s flyer for some great points offers! You can redeem points in 20,000 increments for $20 off your purchase.

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New: Earn scene points on concession purchases!

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extreme couponing canada

You can now earn between 75-150 scene points on concession purchases, in addition to getting your 10% off just by showing your scene card. The card is completely free to sign up for, and one of my personal favorite loyalty programs that I talked about before. Sign up for the scene points program here.

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Extreme Couponing Canada Favorites: Canadian Loyalty Programs

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The number of loyalty programs in Canada has grown quite a bit in recent years as companies are finding that shopping incentives are a great marketing tool. They are, and can really work to your advantage if you know the program well. Loyalty programs are free to join! Here’s an intro to some of the larger loyalty programs offered. Extreme couponing in canada is not just about using coupons, it’s also getting to know stores and taking advantage of the programs they offer.

extreme couponing canada

Extreme couponing canada pick #1 : Shoppers Drug Mart

Starting with my personal favorite, the Shoppers Optimum Program. Shoppers Drug Mart is the largest drugstore chain in Canada and is constantly expanding the selection of products they carry. Some stores have beauty boutiques which offer a wide range of skincare and makeup products. Some stores also have a fairly large electronics section focusing mainly on cameras and console/handheld gaming products. More and more stores are carrying food items including dairy and frozen items, and a few in Ontario even have fresh produce.

Shoppers Drug Mart also has bonus points promotions regularly in the form of product bonuses, such as “buy $15 worth of P & G products and get an extra 3000 points” or store wide points promotions like “20x the points day on purchases of $50+”. These are great ways to really rack up the points, which believe me, you can build up in no time especially if you use coupons.

You can redeem your points at different reward levels. The more points you redeem, the better the deal for the reward. 8,000 points will give you $10 off your purchase and 95,000 points will give you $170 for example. There are also bonus redemption days where the value of your points is worth more than what it usually is. This is the only time that I redeem my points, and these bonus redemptions come around fairly often, I would say once every 1.5-2 months.

To put things into perspective: A Sony Playstation 3 160GB currently retails at $299.99. Purchasing it at Shoppers Drug Mart on a 20x the points day will give you 60,000 points. You can turn right around and redeem those points immediately after your purchase and use 50,000 points to receive another $85 of merchandise for free, and do another transaction of 8,000 points to receive $10 of merchandise for free. So right off the bat you can get $95 of other items, with the points you just earned. But I would save them for a bonus redemption where they will be worth more! Sign up for the program here.


extreme couponing canada

Extreme couponing canada pick #2: Airmiles Rewards

Next up is Airmiles Rewards. If you travel a lot for work, or like to vacation, you can use your airmiles rewards card to earn points on flights. You can also earn airmiles shopping at many retailers and redeem them for a wide range of products or gift cards to various retailers. I personally redeem my airmiles for Shell Gas gift certificates.

Airmiles rewards are fantastic because you can earn them while online shopping as well if you go through air miles shops. The regular rate isn’t fantastic though at only 1 point per $20 spent, and a $20 Shell gas certificate requires a redemption of 175 airmiles. But, you can earn airmiles while dining out at certain restaurants such as Boston Pizza, filling up gas at Shell and at several grocery stores such as Safeway if you’re in Western Canada and Metro and Rexall if you’re in Eastern Canada.

Safeway is a great store to earn miles at, and is mainly where all my points come from. Like Shoppers, they sometimes have promotional bonus points offers on products, such as “buy 6 coca-cola 12 packs and earn 100 airmiles” or bonus points on a minimum purchase like “100 bonus airmiles on a $100 purchase”. Different offers have different rates, so when items have bonus points offers on them, I factor in the rate of the points and deduct that from the dollar amount of the purchase to compare it to prices of other stores. Sometimes a really great deal will effectively make a product free if you can spend $20 on the items, and get $20 back in airmiles, you can make this deal even better if you use coupons. Sign up for the program here.


extreme couponing canada

Extreme couponing canada pick #3: HBC rewards

Now we have HBC Rewards. You can collect HBC points at Zellers, The Bay and Home Outfitters. The regular rate for HBC points is pretty horrible, so I don’t actually know the rate off hand, but the bonus points coupons are fantastic. Almost every month now, HBC sends out bonus points coupons by email if you are subscribed to their HBC rewards mailing list. You can also find coupons by searching online, or on the airmiles website. Sometimes these bonus points have spending requirements, sometimes they don’t. If they don’t, you could buy a 50 cent item (which I’ve done) and still get the points. These coupons are usually for 10000, 15000, or 20000 points and 80,000 points will get you a $10 HBC gift card.

You can also redeem your HBC points for products or gift cards for other retailers, similar to airmiles, or even convert your HBC points into airmiles (I don’t recommend this because their value is higher if kept as HBC points). Sign up for the program here.


extreme couponing canada

Extreme couponing canada pick #4: Scene points

Lastly, the Scene Points program offered by Cineplex. If you don’t have a scene card already, GO GET ONE! Especially if you see movies in theaters on a regular basis. I believe you get 250 points right off the bat for signing up. You receive 100 points for movie ticket purchases, and for those of you who purchase the admit one cineplex certificates through work or special order, you get points when you redeem those as well! The card also gives you 10% off concession purchases. 1000 scene points can be redeemed for a free movie, or a free concession combo of a large drink and large popcorn.

Think of it as buy 10 movies, get 1 free! Sign up for the program here.


These are the 4 loyalty programs I use most actively, but I also have loyalty cards for other retailers such as Save on Foods, Best Buy, Aeroplan and Sephora. The list is pretty large, and yes I do have a large wallet! In the near future I will post about these points programs as well in a part 2 segment.

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