Extreme Couponing Canada for Chocolate Cheerios and using up June FPC’s!

extreme couponing canada

Used up some FPC’s and June expires over the past few days. Hope a lot of you were able use your Chocolate Cheerio’s FPC’s. I ended up having to try 3 stores before finding them at Save on Foods after a tip from a friend. I wanted to get the fibre one instead but only found these. Has anyone tried them yet?

These items came from RCSS, Price Smart Foods and Save on Foods, luckily the stores are all rather close to each other!

The breakdown:

2 x chocolate cheerios $3.47 – (2) FPC’s from websaver.ca = FREE
2 x Del Monte jarred fruit $1.97 – (2) FPC’s from the company = FREE
6 x chocolate bars $0.99 and $1.09 – (6) FPC’s from save.ca = FREE
Pillsbury crescents = $1.96 – $1 coupon from save.ca= $0.96
4 bananas (1 missing from photo) $1.01 – $1 coupon from back of cereal box = $0.01

Taxes: 0.74
Total paid: $1.71

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