Coupon FAQ’s

How should I go about starting to coupon?

The first thing I recommend is reading through Canadian coupons explanation and our how to save tips. There’s information in those posts that are couponing essentials. Have look at a few of our Extreme Couponing Canada shopping trips as well to see how coupons can be used and then hop over to the Canadian coupons tab to order some mail out coupons!


Where do I find coupons?

Coupons can be found online in printable form, in store, in newspapers and in your mail directly from companies. Find current coupon information regarding of those sources in the links.


Where can I use coupons?

Coupons can be used at pretty much every large chain retailer, and some small ones too. Walmart, Lowblaw’s owned stores, Safeway, Zellers, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and Canadian Tire to name a small few.


How can I get deals like the ones posted here?

After you’ve started couponing for a few months, you’ll become more aware of sale prices and sale rotations to determine what you consider a great deal. The key to this is to take a few minutes and scan through your flyers when they come every week. We also post weekly Extreme Couponing Canada grocery deals, containing matchups of coupon deals at several retailers.


I want to start couponing, but I don’t have enough time. What do you suggest?

A lot of the legwork comes in the beginning when you start couponing because there’s so much information to take in. If you find yourself in a time jam and aren’t able to go out to the stores to pick up coupons, take a few minutes and order coupons online. Don’t have time to sit down and read through our posts? Follow us on twitter or like us on Facebook. We update both daily so you can read about new deals and coupons on the go and just look through what interests you.

How do you get multiples of coupons?

If I spot a tear pad with coupons for a product I use regularly, I grab a few and save them for a good sale. I keep an eye out for this coupon at stores during the next several weeks as well and grab a few each time I go.

For coupons that are ordered through online websites, I mail to several addresses including family and friends. They save those coupons for me and coupons that come in their newspapers inserts. I also have a few coupon friends who I trade with and if need be I order coupons from Ebay from time to time.

What’s coupon stacking and where can you do it?

Coupon stacking is using more then 1 coupon per product. Each coupon needs to be different, meaning it needs a different UPC code. For example, a $1 coupon printed from online, a $1.50 from instore and a $0.50 from a newspaper insert can be used together on a bottle of shampoo as long as they are all for the specified product. Coupon stacking is tentative at London Drugs and Save on Foods. There have been a lot of recent changes in coupon stacking policies so nothing is solid across the board at the moment.

What does WUB mean? SCOP? FPC?

Have a read over our Extreme Couponing Canada acronym guide here!

What’s the difference between one coupon per purchase and one coupon per transaction?

One per purchase means one coupon per ITEM purchased, so 10 tubes of toothpaste=10 coupons that you can use. One coupon per transaction, person or per customer means you can only use one even if you buy 10.

Which newspaper can I find inserts in?

See this list for local papers that carry inserts!

Do you really need all the items you buy?

Since I’ve been couponing for quite a while now, I’ve really made the effort to only purchase items I actually need. Sometimes though, I’ll buy items I’ve been wanting to try if they’re cheap enough with coupons. You’ll notice that I purchase large quantities of items from time to time in my Extreme Couponing Canada shopping trips. I shop for my family of 4 and another household and also give items away to friends and my local food bank, so nothing ever goes to waste.

I can’t get a deal/freebie/coupon to work, what do I do?

In terms of technical issues, I can’t be much help. Try contacting the company/retailer customer service line for assistance. Many times when companies launch a new promotion they run into glitches because of underestimated traffic, so if you give it a few hours and come back it’ll likely be up and running!

And here are some fun little known facts about coupons!

  • Retailers are fully reimbursed by the manufacturer for each coupon they receive granted that they show proof of sufficient stock. They are even given a specified handling fee. So you save money, and the store makes money!
  • Each year over 3 billion dollars in coupons are distributed across North America while the redemption rate hovers around 1-2%.
  • There are many different types of coupons. There are dollar off coupons, the most common kind, for $1 off here, $2 off there. There are Buy one get one free coupons which are great paired with a sale. There are high value dollar off coupons, which most times will make a product free. And lastly, the best kind are free product coupons. These are offered promotionally by many companies to get you to try their products.
  • Most coupons do not include tax, but a few do. Make sure to read the details of your coupon carefully.
  • For a coupon to be valid in Canada it must have a Canadian remit address on the back, a valid barcode and be redeemed within the expiry date