Coupons Canada: More February Tearpad Coupons To Look For!

extreme couponing canada


A very lovely reader, Sylvia G. sent me this photo and the details of some February tearpads she was able to find, most of which weren’t included in my last February tearpad posts here and here.

Be on the lookout for these great coupons! Details are listed below

Found at Walmart:

  • Jamieson $3 on any Q10 prod, “& or” Jamieson $2 on any Omega Product
  • $2 off any size or format of Gaviscon
  • $2 off WUB 2 tums
  • $3 any Garnier Ultra Lift product
  • $2 Garnier any product from the PURE line
  • $3 WUB 2 Aveeno Products
  • $2 a Simple Product/$5 off WUB 2 Simple Products

Found at London Drugs:

  • $2 Revlon Beauty Tools
  • $2 Marcelle Waterproof eye makeup remover OR Xtension plus Mascara- this one is tiny!

Found at Shoppers Drug Mart:

  • $3 Pepcid Dual Action Pepcid Complete
  • $5 ColdSore FX treatment
  • $2 off Healthy Look Creme Gloss hair dye by L’oreal


  1. Have you noticed how merchants are not putting tear pads out for consumers? I cannot believe the difference. Years ago, while raising a family, I could peruse the store and collect a lot of coupons. Stores used to keep a coupon board for customers, much like Superstore, but with tear pads from suppliers, like in the photo above. Not anymore! I suppose they do not appreciate the man-hours it costs them to deal with redeemed coupons, so if they don’t put them out, they don’t have as many to bother with. :>(

  2. Here’s another one, found at Rexall Pharmaplus, $3 off Garnier Nutrisse Mousse hair dye exp. Dec 31 2012. **Plus it’s on sale at Rexall for $9.99

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