Day trip to the US and a new coupon organizer!

Today was beautiful outside, so my family and I decided to take a trip to the US for the day since we live a 30 minute drive from the border. The main purpose of this trip was actually because I wanted to check out their Costco since a friend told me about some of the ridiculous price differences between US Costco and CAD Costco.

Everything there really is BIGGER and CHEAPER!! For one, their milk is sold in packs of (2) 4L gallon jugs for just $4.98, while our 4L jugs cost at cheapest, $4.29 . I purchased a few items there. Mainly items that there are never coupons for, and some deals that worked out better than Canadian deals even with coupons. The Costco deal of the day was deli meat.

extreme couponing canada

These are 2 packages of assorted turkey and ham with 650g in each pack. The cost was $9.99 making each 100g about $0.77. The cheapest you’ll be able to find turkey deli slices in BC is about $1.37/100g on sale at WM every couple of months. This pack is the same price at Costco, all the time!! So this is an extremely good deal.

Since we were already there, we had lunch as well. We had 2 hot dogs, 2 pops, 1 iced mocha and a chicken bake for the grand total of $8.09 which is insanely cheap considering the size of the chicken bake. I would never be able to finish one of these myself.

extreme couponing canada

I snapped a photo with my phone to illustrate. If you’ve ever had a Costco hot dog, you’d know those things aren’t small at all!

After doing some shopping at the mall, we stopped off at the plaza across the street because we noticed they had a huge dollar store there. I’ve read that large dollar store chains in the US have a wider range of products including many brand names, but you really would not believe it unless you walked in yourself. This was by far the largest dollar store I’ve ever been to. Every single product was priced at $1, nothing over, and to top it off, they have a refrigerated AND freezer section.

extreme couponing canada

I snapped a quick picture of this with my phone as well. You can purchase ice cream, hot dogs, frozen pizzas, dinners and veggies. They had french fries and lasagnas and even a fresh dairy section where you could pick up eggs, milk, sliced and shredded cheese. All for $1 each.

As I was checking out with my 3 items, the man behind me started unloading his shopping cart full of his weekly groceries, that he was going to purchase at the dollar store!! Unbelievable for a Canadian but just a typical grocery shop for an American.

I had a great find there as well. I’ve been looking for a smaller coupon organizer that I could fit into some of my more petite purses and really bring with me everywhere. I spotted this gem. Here it is with my original on the go organizer for size comparison.

extreme couponing canadaextreme couponing canada

A folder actually intended to organize your coupons? They really do take couponing to the extreme in the US. I think it’s great! After getting this home I was so excited to find out that it’s already pre-categorized for you. It folds out very much like my other accordion folder I mentioned in this post.

extreme couponing canada

Then I discovered something amazing. This little gadget can pull out completely creating more of a coupon box if you will. For such a little folder, it does wonders. Now I wish I bought two, one for my desk and one for my purse. I’m going to strongly consider this to be the best dollar I’ve ever spent.

extreme couponing canada

Too bad I didn’t have any American coupons. I could have done some Extreme Couponing Canada version.

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