Earn 20 airmiles (40,000 HBC points) WUB $40+ at Zellers

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Zellers has an airmiles promotion currently running where you can earn 20 bonus air miles when you spend $40 or more, with the printable coupon. The coupon is valid until September 4, 2011. You’ll receive 40,000 HBC points which will be converted to 20 airmiles if you have your HBC rewards account set to convert points to airmiles.

Personally, I like to keep all my HBC points as HBC points because the value is much higher than after converting to miles. 40,000 points is worth $5 at Zellers where as 20 airmiles is only worth about $2.20 to me based on converting my miles to Shell Gas certificates.

The coupon states you must have automatic conversion to airmiles on your account, but I’ve always used those bonus point coupons without them and have gotten the points!

Click here to print your coupon.

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