Empire Theatres: National Popcorn Day = FREE Popcorn! Jan 19-22

empire theaters free popcorn

It’s National Popcorn Day at Empire theaters and they’re offering their Empire Insiders a coupon for a free regular popcorn!

Simply log into your Empire Insider account to view and print your coupon for a Free Regular Popcorn compliments of Empire Theatres.

The coupon is valid from Thursday, Jan 19 until Sunday, Jan 22, 2012.

If you’re not an Empire Insider already, it’s free to join.

Click here to login and print your free popcorn coupon!


  1. My son and I went to your theatre to watch a highly anticipated film, 3rd in the Underworld series.
    My son 11 1/2 and I 51 years old were told that he could not see the film.
    All the usher could say was my son was not 14.
    I explained that as his parent and gardian I was aware of what we were going see and was in fact accompanying him to see the film.
    I insisted on the manager who came and tersely said it didnot matter that I was his parent.
    According to law in Canada I am able to choose for my child until he reaches the age of majority.
    Again this young lady assured me it did not matter and in fact made me to understand I was in fact wasting her time.
    All I needed was a rolling of the eyeballs to make it complete.
    She left and money was refunded.
    With an extremly disappointed son and mother as we both have loved the first 2 films.
    I would like clarification of your rule and how it pertains to law in Canada.
    Please contact me at above email address.

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