Entertainment Book: $25 for All Books for Cyber Monday *One Day Only!*

Entertainment book cyber monday

Entertainment books are on sale for Cyber Monday. It’s a one day only sale, and all books are just $25 + free shipping!

I’ve been waiting for the Entertainment book to drop to this price point as it’s $50 regular price for my city. Also, if you’d like to order a second book as a gift it’s just $20 for every book after your first. I purchased my book last year around this time and shipping is rather quick.

If you’re not familiar with the Entertainment book, you can find books for almost every major city in the US and Canada. They’re great for use at home or on your vacation destination!

Each book contains:

  • Thousands of dollars of coupon savings
  • Fine dining coupons for hundreds of popular local restaurants (most coupons are buy one get one free!)
  • Fast food coupons for hundreds of retailers
  • Discount coupons for popular tourist attractions (also mostly buy one get one free!)
  • Discount coupons for shopping retailers
  • Entertainment coupons for your local theater
  • No purchase necessary coupons for certain retailers, meaning free stuff!

Click here to pick up an Entertainment book for $25 + Free Shipping!

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