Entertainment Book: All Books Now 2/$10 + $1 Shipping!

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All Entertainment Books are now 2/$10 plus $1 shipping! And you don’t need to purchase a membership to get the deal.

There are some locations that are sold out, but at 2/$10 you can pick up a book for a destination you’ll be vacationing to. Just use one coupon and you’ve already made your money back and then some!

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  1. Hi Tanya:

    I ordered 2 books today and even though the ad states that the books are 2 for $10 and $1 Shipping, at check out they charge for each book separately. Therefore, I was charged $2 for shipping. That doesn’t seem right to me. What do you think?

    • Tanya

      Hi Vicki,

      I agree that seems rather misleading. Judging from the the ads and way the promo e-mail was written I would also think it’s $1 shipping total and not for each book.

      I tried to find fine print somewhere on the website but could only find it when checking out which says $1 shipping per item on the address submit page. Might be worth an email to CS, based on principle

  2. i ordered one when they were advertised for a dollar. i was charged 5.00 but heck, that is still an awesome deal. arrived within the week and started saving right away!!! most expire in november 2012. lots of time. fast food coupons way pay for book!!

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