Extreme Couponing Canada: $0.19 Coffee, $0.99 Lasagna, Free Hair Dye & More! 83% Savings!

extreme couponing canada

Did a bit of shopping today to grab some grocery items. Went to 4 different stores, but 3 of them are within walking distance of each other, phew!

Note that most of the coupons I used are still available and linked below!

Here’s the breakdown:

London Drugs

6 x Thai House Noodle Bowls 6/$9.99 – (6) $1 printable coupons linked here = $3.99 for 6

Subtotal: $9.99
Coupons used: $6
Total paid: $3.99


2 x L’oreal Preference Hair Dye $3 Clearance – (2) $4 printable coupons linked here = FREE + $2
L’oreal Excellence Hair Dye $3 Clearance
2 x Red Rose Tea $2.97 – BOGO coupon from save.ca, still available here = 1.49 each
3 x Ziploc Bags $2.97 & $3.27 – (3) $1 coupons from webSaver.ca, still available here = $1.97 & $2.27 + each package has $4 worth of coupons inside for more Ziploc, fresh produce, chicken and cheese!

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Subtotal: $24.45
Coupons used: $13.97
Taxes: $2.22
Total paid: $12.70


4L Milk $4.39, PM’ed to SDM
2 x Dozen eggs $2.59 – $1 WUB 2 coupon from websaver.ca, N/A anymore = $2.09
Stouffers Sautee Sensations $7.99 (not pictured) – FPC from previous Stouffers promo = FREE

Subtotal: $17.56
SPC discount: $1.76
Coupons used: $8.99
Total paid: $6.81

Save On Foods

4 x Western Family Lasagna $3.99 – $3 printable coupon, deal idea posted here = $0.99 each
2 x Van Houtte ground coffee $10.19 – $10 stack (printable linked here & tearpads)= $0.19 each
2 x Van Houtte coffee beans $12.19 – $12 stack (printable linked here & tearpads) = $0.19 each
2 x Vileda Scrunge Scrubbers $2.24 – $4.48 stack (printable linked here & insert coupons) = FREE

Subtotal: $65.20
Taxes: $0.53
Coupons used: $60.48
Total paid: $5.25

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Total retail price: $166
Total sale prices: $118.19
Coupons used: $89.44
Total paid: $28.75

76% coupon savings off sale prices
83% savings off retail price!


  1. hi, i was just wondering how you used a print coupon and a insert coupon to get the vileda srubbers for free?..i thought you can only use one coupon per item..

    • at London Drugs & Save on Foods (both in the West), you are allowed to stack coupons (use more than 1 per item so long a the UPC is different). Other stores only allow one coupon per item.

  2. Hello,

    I was wondering with the hair dye, how did you get money back??

    2 x L’oreal Preference Hair Dye $3 Clearance – (2) $4 printable coupons linked here = FREE + $2

    I have had coupons where I should be getting money back and they wouldnt ( b.c we’re in canada ) and I told them that I should as they will be geeting the FULL value of the coupon but Im not.

    Can you go in to detail??


    • Walmart is the only store in Canada) that will give coupon overages (if item is $2.00 & coupon is $3.00, you would get $1.00 cash back or to put towards other purchases). Other stores either a) won’t accept if over or b) are supposed to adjust the coupon value to the amount they are ringing it in as. Sometimes cashiers forget, ring through adjusted, but forget to physically change the coupon value, so they redeem it for more and make a profit.

      • Tanya

        Perfect explanation La DivineMom, thank you!

  3. how many coupons of the same item does websaver mail? will i just get one for the ziplocs when it comes in???

    • They only mail one per address (until time limit to re-order is up), so you can either get it from friends, or use different e-mail addresses & use upper & lower, for example, for your address & get more than one.

      • Tanya

        Yes Erica, it’s as La DivineMom says. Only one per mail address so if you have friends or family that you visit or see often you can send coupons to their addresses as well.

        I have friends and family that let me use their addresses for this purpose in exchange for items I get from couponing. Great trade in my opinion!

        • Thank you both!! that would help for sure. also does anyone know how Tanya got 6 coupons for the Thai Kitchen deal. i am assuming probably from printing from multiple computers or is there another way?? thanks again for your help.

          • Tanya

            2 prints per computer Erica :) Used my desktop, laptop and my brother’s laptop. All are connected to the same printer

          • Great thanks so much!

  4. Do you have to buy ALL 6 to get the deal on the Thai Kitchen products?

  5. Do you have to buy ALL 6 to get the deal on the Thai Kitchen products? Honestly I have only been couponing for about 7 months and it has all been in the states. I am still trying to work out the differences up here in canada :)

    • Tanya

      Unfortunately yes because it’s a multibuy deal. Each is $2.25 but once you buy the 6th the discount amount comes off. So 1 will cost $1.25 vs. $0.67 each when you buy 6.

      No worries, ask away if you still have questions! I know it’s rather different. :)

  6. Tanya : how did you stack the coupons to get the van houten coffee?

    • Tanya

      Sandie, Save on Foods allows you to use more than one coupon per product as long as the coupons have different UPC codes and don’t prohibit stacking via working like “the use of more than one coupon per product is strictly prohibited”. You can use as many valid coupons as you have up until the value of the product without going over.

      The coffee I purchased was $10.19 and $12.19 so I used $10 and $12 stacks bringing the total down to $0.19 each.

      Hope that clears things up for you :)

      • Thanks Tanya, I really appreciate it. I love your website by the way and always look forward to your great tips. It’s definitely saving me money!

  7. Hi Tanya: I just looked at the van houtte coupon on their facebook page and it says “cannot be combined with any other offers. How did you get to stack the coupons with that printed one

    • Tanya

      My Save On is actually quite relaxed with coupon wording. As long as it doesn’t say “cannot be combined with any other COUPON offer” it’s alright as the CSR I asked originally said the wording “offer” alone is very broad.

      I know some stores are very insistent on not stacking with any type of “cannot be combined” wording so this would depend on the discretion of each location.

  8. I really like your blog. I don’t wanna spend too much time couponing. (If you save less than $10 for an hour of couponing, you are working under minimum wage!) Really enjoy how you guys often get massive quantity of same items, and only from a few stores. It’s not too time-consuming. I have learned so much.
    I also like that you guys focus more on food and toiletries, which is my major concern. Started to buy groceries from WagJag because of reading your blog.
    Thanks for sharing all these deals. It’s been a great help.

    • Tanya

      Hi Adora,

      Thanks for leaving a comment! I find that the time spend on couponing doesn’t get too overwhelming when you spread it out. For example 20 minutes a day = roughly 2 hours a week and a coupon printed there and ordered here adds up to great savings!

      I’m a full time student so running around 4 or 5 days a week collecting, sorting and coupon shopping is not really an option. When an item goes on sale for a rock bottom price I will definitely stock up, especially on food with a long shelf life or toiletries that don’t expire, like paper products! Also I notice the time I spend planning and tending to coupons has gotten a lot shorter after doing it for so long. It took a lot longer in the beginning since the learning curve is quite steep, but once you have a decent coupon collection and stock of items built up, it’s smooth sailing and comes rather naturally :)

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