Extreme Couponing Canada: $0.24 Hand Soap & Free Toilet Paper For 90% Savings At Save On Foods

extreme couponing canada

Stopped by Save on Foods today for a quick shopping trip to use a Free product coupon that was expiring and pick up some of the live clean hand soap on sale this week!

Here’s the breakdown:

2 x Van Houtte Ground Coffee $10.19 – (2) $3 printable coupons from here + (2) $2 tearpads + (2) $2 from gocoupons.ca + (2) printable coupons from SmartSource.ca = $1.19 each

2 x Van Houtte Coffee Beans $12.19 – (2) $3 printable coupons from here + (4) $2 tearpads + (2) $2 from gocoupons.ca + (2) printable coupons from SmartSource.ca = $1.19 each

Purex Toilet Paper 30 Jumbo Rolls $17.99 – FPC from company (includes tax) = FREE

6 x Live Clean Hand Soap $3.99 – (6) $1 booklet coupons + (3) $2.50 WUB 2 booklet coupons + (6) $1 printable coupons from here – (3) $1 tearpad coupons = $0.24 each

Subtotal: $86.65
Taxes: $5.03
Coupons used: $82.65
Total paid: $9.03

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Sale price coupon savings: 90%
Retail price savings: 91%


  1. Wow! Where did you get the Purex FPC’s from? I can never find ANY Purex coupons and that’s what my mom and my aunt have asked me to try to find for them (family preference, I suppose :p) Lots of Charmin, Royale, etc. out there but never Purex. Do you know if they give anything out if you write to the company?

    • Tanya

      Hi Sara,

      The Purex FPC did come from emailing the company. It was from a while back, probably over a year ago! I emailed them complimenting them on their products as I purchase quite a few from the brand family, like Scotties and Spongetowels and they responded with a very nice letter and coupon!

  2. How are you able to stack the Van Houtte coupons, when the say cannot be combined with any other offer. I would like to because I have all of these coupons as well but the wording scares me :|

  3. Yes I would love to know how you stack the coffee

  4. Tanya

    Charlene & Sue,

    I’ve actually never had a problem stacking the Van Houtte coupons because the two stores I go to allow stacking as long as the coupon doesn’t read “cannot be combined with any other coupon offer”. When I spoke with customer service in the past, they ok’ed it saying that the word “offer” on it’s own is rather arbitrary. I do often get the same cashiers though, so I imagine it would be based on your cashier and how they interpret the wording.

    Hope that clears things up a bit!

  5. At which location do you go?
    The wording seems very restrictive to me, it not only says that the coupon cannot be combined with any other offer but it also says limit of one coupon per purchase.

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