Extreme Couponing Canada – 5 Travel Tips to Save Money & Stay within Budget!

extreme couponing canada

Traveling is expensive and a luxury the majority of us have to save and penny pinch for. Stretch your dollar as far as you can with our travel tips because a dollar saved here and a dollar saved there can go towards your next vacation destination!

1. When booking a hotel or flight, ALWAYS search for coupon codes.

Be prepared to look past the first page of your search engine results. Sometimes you’ll be able to find a coupon code that isn’t posted on large sites, but in travel forums.

During my weekend trip to Seattle recently, I found a coupon code for the hotel I was staying at by searching through to the 9th page of Google! It was worth it though as the code took off $20 a night for the room!

2. Negotiate

If #1 fails, negotiating is always an option. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a lower rate or a free upgrade especially if you’re traveling during off season.  If your hotel has a restaurant, they often offer dining certificates to guests.

For example, if you find a cheaper hotel in the area that has similar stars you can try calling and asking for a price-match. This isn’t advertised on most hotel websites, and wasn’t on ours but as I was checking out of our Seattle Hotel, a front desk agent was ok-ing a price match!

3. Plan restaurants, transportation and attractions visits ahead of time by using online resources.

While wandering the streets of a foreign place can lead to a great find, it’s useful to have some structure to your trip as well. Plan out restaurants or attractions you’d like to visit ahead of time by using online rating websites like Yelp.com and Dinehere.ca. Use a resource like Google maps to plan how you’re getting from one place to another to keep everything within a reasonable distance.

You also want to avoid extra expenses where you can. GPS’s won’t show toll bridges on routes, but Google Maps will!

4. Set a Budget, and justify splurges by saving elsewhere during the trip

It’s very important to set a budget when you’re traveling. Be it, a weekend, a week or a month. Spending frivolously will keep you wondering where all your money went halfway through the trip. Make sure to calculate your expenses at the end of each day and keep a running tally. By doing step 3, you can easily estimate your expenses for each day of your trip.

The first night of our trip, we went to a rather pricey all you can eat seafood restaurant. To offset spending such a large amount of our budget on one meal, we packed sandwiches for breakfast and lunch which were great since we took them with us while we were on the go shopping! A much healthier option than greasy fast food.

5.  Use Groupon NOW! to search for great local deals to use the day of

Groupon NOW! Was introduced not too long ago, and is a great tool for those who are traveling. You purchase a voucher and use it the day of unlike traditional Groupon vouchers where you must wait  until the deal is over. You can search by area, and find the deals closest to you, sometimes at 50% off or more!

The best part is, if you don’t find the time to redeem your voucher, it will be automatically refunded to you.

We purchased a Groupon for a take-out smoothie shop in Downtown Seattle since we knew we would be thirsty. It was a great way for us to stop for a treat without breaking the budget.

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  1. Great tips!! Thanks!

    I’ve never even thought about negotiating hotel prices, makes sense though!

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