Extreme Couponing Canada: 6 items for $0.34 at Zellers today!

extreme couponing canada

I had some FPC’s I wanted to use up before the expiry and since airmiles just released some HBC points coupons found here, I thought I would stop by Zellers to pick up my free items. I was also really excited to see that they carry the skinny cow cups that I just printed out some free coupons for! They are so teensy tiny and great for an after dinner dessert. I tried the fudge one today and it was really tasty.

Today’s breakdown:

4 x glade sense and spray $9.99 – (4) FPC’s = FREE
2 x skinny cow cups $1.99 – (2) FPC’s from here = FREE

Subtotal: $43.94
Taxes: $4.74
SPC discount: $4.40
Coupons used: $43.94
Total paid: $0.34 plus 31,950 HBC points with the coupon which is worth about $4! $3.66 made today!


  1. I just saw Skinny Cow cups at our local Sobeys. I live in Central Canada. I’ve also seen other Skinny Cow products at our Superstore, but not the cups yet.

    • Tanya

      Hi Teona,

      I also hear that people have been finding them at Walmart too although I’ve never had any lucky using printable free product coupons at my local store. Hopefully your Sobey’s takes printables! :)

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