Extreme Couponing Canada Allergy Roundup: Save This Season!

extreme couponing canada

Allergies got you down this season? While the sneezing, itching and redness might keep you feeling less than top notch, your wallet doesn’t need to suffer! Allergy medications are pricey and definitely add up so here are some tips to help you save and make the season a little easier:

1. Keep an allergy pill on you at all times. Keep a few pills in your car, your wallet, your desk, you name it! Try to avoid having to run out and buy a pack when your allergies flare up.

2. Ask for samples. Dr’s Offices and pharmacies get an influx of over the counter allergy samples from drug rep’s this time of year. It never hurts to ask!

3. Stock up when you see a great price. If you know you’re going to need it, get as much as you think you’ll use before the expiry date, especially if it’s a rock bottom price. I find allergy medication usually has a shelf life of 2-3 years since it’s one of the store items with a high turnover rate this time of year. While sales are frequent during the spring/summer, extremely low prices don’t come around very often.

4. Ask your doctor if a prescription medication is right for you. If you suffer from regular seasonal or year round allergies, ask your doctor if you would benefit from prescription medication rather than over the counter. There are eye drops, nasal sprays and allergy pills that are likely covered by your medical insurance which could result in savings vs. over the counter options.

5. Use coupons. During this time of year, there are always coupons out for allergy remedies.

Here are some printables available right now:

$3 off any Reactine Product Expiry: August 31, 2012
$3 off Reactine Extra Strength Liquid Gels (25ct & 40 ct) Expiry: August 31, 2012
$2 off Any Visine Product Expiry: December 31, 2012
$6 off Aerius Must sign up for Aerius community for coupon

Must sign up for Dolphin Club to print coupons below (unlimited prints):

$1.50 off the purchase of hydraSense Nasal Aspirator Filter Refills Expiry: December 31, 2012
$3.50 off the purchase of any hydraSense product Expiry: December 31, 2012
$5 off the purchase of the hydraSense Nasal Aspirator Starter kit Expiry: December 31, 2012
$4 off any Claritin product Expiry: December 31, 2012
$1.50 off any Claritin kids product Expiry: December 31, 2012


  1. Thanks very much for this great post! There is also a $10 Aerius coupon valid on 30 pack or larger available on the Aerius website. You sign up and they mail the coupon to you

    • Tanya

      Thanks M, will check it out!

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