Extreme Couponing Canada: Clearance Finds at Shoppers Drug Mart, 89% Savings!

extreme couponing canada

Another great thing about coupon shopping with a friend is stumbling upon a fantastic clearance section! While looking for new tearpad coupons Emily and I stumbled across some great deals at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Here’s what I got:

4 x Nice N’ Easy Bonus Packs $5 – (2) $5 WUB 2 coupons from brandsaver.ca = $2.50 each!
5 x Revlon Pedi-EXPERT Shower Pedicure Kit $2 – (5) $2 coupons found on tearpad in store! = FREE
Jolly Rancher Valentines Candy $0.50

Subtotal: $30.50
Coupons used: $20
Taxes: $3.66
Total Paid: $14.16

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Retail Prices: ~$125 (The Revlon Pedi Kits are $15 regular price!)
Total Savings: 89%


  1. Seriously…what Shoppers do you go to? Mine at Metrotown NEVER has sales like these. As well the Save-on here never has coupon pads. Man, I try, I try , but the stores in my area suck.

    • Tanya

      Leslie, this was at the Shoppers across from Metrotown actually! I find it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. I’ve found great clearance deals there twice but sometimes when I go there’s absolutely nothing.

      As for Save-On, pay attention to those store displays as that’s where I find a lot of tearpads. Especially with the Metrotown location being so large and widespread, you really have to keep your eyes peeled to find them!

  2. You have a great Shoppers….the one here in London Ontario did not have these deals. Nice and Easy was 11.99 and the pedicure sets were 15.99!

  3. Was at Metrotown and the Revlon Pedi-EXPERT Shower Pedicure Kit was $6.xx not $2… Funny enough I went to the SDM across Metro and found the LAST two $2 revlon coupons….. :)

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