Extreme Couponing Canada: Clearance & Overage @ Walmart for 91% Savings

Took a quick trip to Walmart a couple nights ago to check out their clearance shelves after hearing there were bonus packs on sale, ended up with awesome savings all thanks to Zantac overage (which I rarely find at Walmart)!

Here’s the breakdown:
2 x Dial body wash w/ bonus Dial lotion $4.77 – (2) $2.00 (insert) = $1.39 per item
2 x Clairol Natural Instincts w/ bonus Herbal Essences $5.00 – $5.00 WUB 2 (brandsaver) = $1.25 per item
9 x Zantac $2.22 – (9) $3.00 (tearpad) = – $7.02 (massive overage!)*
4 x Febreze To Go bottles $1.97 – (2) $3.00 WUB 2 (brandsaver) = $0.47 each
4 x Febreze Car Air Freshener Clips $3.97 – (4) Free Febreze Car Clip WUB Any Febreze Air Freshener = FREE

Subtotal: $63.28
Taxes:$7.59 (yikes!)
Coupons used: $57.88
Total Paid: $12.99, savings of 91%

*Note: The Zantac tearpads do limit one coupon per purchase per person. I actually missed this in the fine print as well as the cashier. But when we did catch the wording midway through the transaction, he did let me slide with purchasing 9 boxes. Although I got lucky with the cashier this time, please do read fine prints on coupons! I admit… I’m one of those people who used to skim the prints for bold wording that usually state restrictions & expiry dates only, but DO try to make sure you’re not violating any restrictions. In situations where you have more than 1 person with you, you can always check with your cashier if they’ll allow each of you one coupon though!


  1. Should you have been able to use the coupon for the free Febreze Car Air Freshener Clips? The coupon does state LIMIT ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE of products and quantities stated.

    • Yeup, it should be completely fine to do so. In the breakdown of the transaction, you’ll see that the free Febreze clips coupons apply to the air freshener clips themselves, not the bottles of air freshener (I just had to purchase the bottles of Febreze air fresheners for the coupons to be valid). So, each Febreze product had only 1 coupon applied to them, no stacking here.

      If you’re referring to the fact that I was able to do this all in one transaction, it’s also completely fine. Up to the discretion of the cashier though, some would prefer to break it down into multiple purchases, others don’t mind ringing them all in at once. Hope this clarifies any questions you had. :)

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