Extreme Couponing Canada: Free Gummies, Smellies, BBQ Sauce & Underwear!

extreme couponing canada

Today was an errand day so there was lots of running around, but I made a few stops to pick up some freebies including the Denver Hayes giveaway at Mark’s that started today!

DBF and I stopped by 2 locations and each got 1 with no issues. What a great giveaway! Checked the regular price and it’s $14.99 for just one pair!

Also did the Dare MIR which there’s about one week left for and am quite happy with free gummies.

Here’s today’s breakdown:

Save On Foods

4 x Real Fruit gummies $1.99
Breton Crackers $3
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing $3.50 – $1.50 + $2 coupons from Shoppers Voice = FREE

Subtotal: $14.46
Coupons used: $3.50
Taxes: $0.96
Total Paid: $11.92 – $15 back from MIR = + $3.08

Real Canadian Superstore

2 x Glade Expressions $4.97 – (2) FPC’s from webSaver.ca = FREE
2 x Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce $1.97 – (2) $2 coupons from smartsource insert = FREE + $0.06

Subtotal: $13.88
Coupons used: $13.94
Taxes: $1.20
Total paid: $1.14

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Retail Prices: ~$40
Sale Prices: $28.24
Coupons used: $17.44 + 15 back from MIR
Total paid: $1.94 made after MIR!


  1. Stopping by multiple locations for a free sample is really not cool. There is a reason that there is a “one per customer” rule.

    I didn’t know about this promo this morning but I was at Marks buying father’s day gifts and the staff were complaining about all of the “extreme couponers” who would go to multiple locations or try to get multiple pairs. Multiple visits and multiple accounts for samples are the kinds of things that give extreme couponers a bad reputation of being greedy and stingy. It also denies someone else the chance to try this product.

    I’m glad you got your free samples, but perhaps consider visiting only one store next time and letting someone else enjoy the samples too.

    • Wow seriously? Getting one extra each hardly calls for throwing out terms like “greedy and stingy”. I also got this freebie with my husband. We only have one store in our area but if we had another we would have gone to the other location too to grab one more

    • Tanya

      People taking advantage of promos like this one are inevitable. I do agree with the principle of what you’re saying about one per customer freebies, or similar samples but don’t think it’s necessary to associate getting multiples with “extreme couponers” in the manner the staff was. People, couponers or not do go to multiple locations and get multiple samples.

      Personally, I don’t think we went overboard by getting 2 extra but that’s my opinion. DBF’s brothers could not make it to the store in the morning and asked us to grab a couple extra if we could so that is what we did. That is all.

  2. Personally I think going to other locations for samples, freebies and promos is fine as it’s your own time and technically you’re a new customer when you go to that other location

  3. would you please tell me where i can find the gummies coupon? thank you.

    • Tanya

      Hi Debbie,

      The gummies will be free after a mail in rebate. I found mine at IGA but also spotted it at Save on Foods and Safeway.

      • thank you. i have a sobey’s near me. (used to be i.g.a.) i’m in calgary.

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