Extreme Couponing Canada: Grocery Shopping With Wagjag and Groupon $155 Value For $1.21

extreme couponing canada

Yikes, my apologies for the lack of photography vision in this photo. I only took one shot in an effort to get the frozen goods into the freezer as quick as possible.

Today’s shopping trip was a little different than my usual coupon trips. I paid for all of the above items with Groupons and Wagjags! I’m sure that by now we’re all familiar with these daily deal types of websites. I must admit I don’t pay attention to them all the time, but you will find the occasional amazing deal!

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These daily deal sites are constantly evolving as well. Wagjag now has a Grocery section which lists fresh foods and meat items (at great prices!) that can be picked up in store or delivered to your home based on the offer.

Plus, if you’re a telus customer, you’ll receive $10 of Wagjag credit FREE every month! Find out more here.

Groupon has expanded into offering Groupon Now! deals that are purchased and used the day of. So, if you’re wondering what to have for dinner or what to do for the day, venture over the Groupon and see what’s available today!

I know it’s hard to tell what the top two boxes are, but the left holds 22 Sizmu 6 oz wine fed beef burgers while the right has 10 lbs of short beef ribs! Yum! I picked both of these up at a local grocery store which provided the space and pick up location for this deal. All the bread was from McGavins, which I posted the Groupon to last month.

Here’s the overall breakdown:

22 x Sizmu 6 oz wine fed beef burgers $49 value for $20 – $20 Wagjag paid with $10 telus credit and $10 gift certificate (from previous icoke promo) = FREE
10 lbs Short Beef Ribs $90 value for $55 – $55 Wagjag paid with $10 gift certificate (from previous icoke promo) and $45 credit = FREE
5 x Discount short expiry Dempster’s Loaves $1.39 = $6.95
Raisin Bread $1.99
Multigrain Thins $1.99
Dempsters 12 Grain $1.99
Hamburger Buns $3.29

Total for Bread = $16.21 – $15 value for $7 Groupon paid with credit = $1.21

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Retail Value of Items purchased: $155.21
Cost of Daily Deal Vouchers: $82
Gift Certificates & Credit used: $82
Total paid: $1.21


  1. *applause* my husband would love to save that much on meat! well done! (no pun intended! :P )

    • Tanya

      Haha love it Sylvia! The ribs were quite the splurge even at $55 but the BF loves them so I figured, why not!

  2. This is absolutely amazing! I rarely check out Groupons Now, but I will from now on! Thanks for sharing. It’s very inspiring!

    • Tanya

      Thank you for the kind words Adora! I don’t have the newsletter subscriptions to those type of daily deal sites since they can get a bit overwhelming, but check them every few days. I find that Wagjag and Groupon have some pretty decent offers, although I only ever buy food related vouchers and maybe the occasional salon voucher

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