Extreme Couponing Canada: July Tearpads Found Today

extreme couponing canada

Although Emily and I didn’t get as many coupons as we would have liked during this coupon hunting trip, we did find some goodies that we will definitely use! You’ll notice that there are some rollovers from last month as well.

These tearpads and booklets were found at Shoppers Drug Mart, Save on Foods & IGA. If you have any questions about any of the coupons feel free to leave a comment!

Click on Read More for coupon details and expiry dates ——–>

Keep in mind that tearpad selection varies from store to store and by region. We’re in BC. We post in order to inform you of what’s available, what to keep an eye out for and hope you find it helpful during your own coupon hunting trips!

Here are the details from left to right, top to bottom (booklets top row):

$1 off any 500 ml, 1L or 2L Bertolli Olive Oil (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$1 off any 500 ml, 1L or 2L Bertolli Olive Oil (Expiry: Oct 31/12)
$1 off WUB any 4 Campbells products (Expiry: Aug 31/12)
$0.50 off any V8 or V8 V-Fusion beverage (Expiry: July 31/12)
$1 off any Lilydale Tailgate 300g – 1kg package (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$3 off any Zantac Product 150mg or 75 mg (Expiry: July 31/13)

$1 off any Nestea or Goodhost product (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$0.75 off any Wheat Thins Stix or Ritz Munchables (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$1 off any one Tresemme Nourishing Rituals product (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$1 off WUB 2 participating Cadbury Products (Expiry: Sept 30/12)

$2 off any Go Fresh Dove Body Wash (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$4 off WUB any 2 L’oreal Paris Haircolour Products (Expiry: Sept 1/12)
$0.50 off any package of Uncle Ben’s Rice & Sauce (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$1 off any Degree Men Product (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$1 off any Febreze Fabric Refresher (Expiry: July 31/12)


  1. i like tide for my laundry i will not used anther make

  2. At Which one of the above stores did u find the cambells’s buy 4 get $1 off coupon ???

    • Tanya

      Hi Louise,

      That one came from Save on Foods. I spotted it at IGA as well though :)

  3. where did you find the cadbury?

    • Tanya

      Hi Ashley,

      The cadbury was found at IGA!

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