Extreme Couponing Canada: June Tearpads Found Today

extreme couponing canada

This post comes a little late this month as I realize these new tearpads rolled out into stores during the last week of May but I figure, better late then never as it is helpful to see it all laid out!

These tearpads and booklets were found at Safeway, Save on Foods, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart & IGA.

Keep in mind that tearpad selection varies from store to store and by region. We’re in BC. We post in order to inform you of what’s available, what to keep an eye out for and hope you find it helpful during your own coupon hunting trips!

Here are the details from left to right, top to bottom (booklets top row):

$0.75 off one 1.75L Minute Maid mango, mixed berry, or peach real fruit beverage (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
Buy 4 295 mL Minute Maid, Five Alive, Fruitopia or Bacardi Mixers 250 mL Frozen Concentrate products, Get 1 FREE (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$2 off any Becel Pro.Activ calorie-reduced margarine (Expiry: Dec 30/12)
$2 off Clean & Clear Morning Burst body wash (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$2 off any 2 VH Sauces (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$1 off one Pam Grilling or Original (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$1 off one VH Indian Market sauce (Expiry: Sept 30/12)

$2 off 2 VH Steamers (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$1 off when you buy any 4 Campbell products (Expiry: Aug 31/12)
$0.75 off any tub or Kraft 100% Parmesan Cheese shaved or aged grated (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$1 off one Green Works cleaning product (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
Free Pepsi Beach Ball at an Ultimate Challenge location or by mail (Expiry: Aug 31/12)
$0.50 off any 2 Nestle Pure Life Sparkling 1 L bottles or any 1 6×500 mL case (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$0.75 off any Oasis Health Break 1.75 L (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$0.75 off any Oasis SmoOthie 1.75 L (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$0.90 off Lettuce when you buy Hormel Real Bacon Pieces or Bits (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$1 off any Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care product 120 mL or larger (Expiry: Dec 31/13)
$3 off any Advil Muscle & Joint product (Expiry: Jan 31/13)

Free Dip when you buy any 2 Ruffles or Tostitos Chips (Expiry: June 16/12)
$5 off any 3 Seventh Generation Products (Expiry: March 31/13)
$1 off any Schick Xtreme 3 Eco Razors (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$5 off Coldsore-FX (Expiry: Dec 31/13)
$2 off when you buy 2 different Dove products (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$2 off when you buy any (2) 12×355 mL can packs,  (2) 6x710mL or (4) 2L bottles of Dr. Pepper, Crush or Schweppes Beverages (Expiry: Aug 31/12)
$1 off when you buy any 2 Minute Maid 295 mL Frozen Concentrate products (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$2 off any Affresh Cleaning product (Expiry: July 15/12)
$3 off any 2 Haagen-Dazs 500 mL tubs & multipacks (Expiry:  Aug 31/12)
Get a FREE Meow Mix Single Food Cup when you purchase any Meow Mix dry cat food, 1.6kg+ (Expiry: Dec 17/12)
$1 off Royale 6 Roll Paper Towels (Expiry: Dec 31/12)

$1 off any (1) 10x355mL pack or (1) 12x355mL pack or (1) 6 x 710 ml pack of Canada Dry or C Plus beverages (Expiry:  Dec 31/12)
$1 off any Dove gosleeveless anti-perspirant (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$0.50 off any (1) bottle of Welch’s 100% Juice, Juice Cocktails or Prune Nectar (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$3 off any Nexxus product (Expiry: Sept 30/12)
$2 off Van Houtte Coffee 225g and up (Expiry: July 31/12)
$1 off any Janes Chicken product (Expiry: Aug 15/12)

If you have any questions or need details for any of the coupons feel free to leave a comment!


  1. Are these coupons generally usable at any store or only the ones where the tear pad came from? I am never sure with coupon pads I find in stores. Thanks!

    • Tanya

      Hi Kate,

      The coupons are usable at any store as they’re manufacturer coupons. Usually the only coupons that are store specific are the coupon zone ones found at Loblaw’s chains but there are a few coupons specific to independent retailers like IGA.

      Hope that helps!

      • Hi Kate,

        Note that Walmart will accept any store specific coupons so the Loblaw’s chains coupons can be used there. Walmart considers these as sales price match so I’ve been able to use Loblaw’s coupons and manufacturer coupons on the same article.


  2. Would it be possible to identify where these coupons each came from? Maybe I would then have better luck locating them….THANK YOU!!!

    • Tanya

      Hi Claire,

      The VH, Canada Dry & Janes came from IGA.

      The Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Seventh Generation and Clean and Clear came from London Drugs.

      The Hawaiian Tropic was found at Zellers and all the remaining coupons grocery coupons should be available at both Safeway and Save on Foods as I did spot them at both stores.

      The health and beauty ones were mainly from Shoppers.

  3. Hi,

    Are these coupons available in Quebec IGA’s? I’ve never noticed them before.

    • Tanya

      Hi Lisa,

      I imagine some would be available in Quebec but not all of them. Tearpads generally vary based on region so I cannot say for sure which ones will be available to you. I hope you find the ones you’re looking for though!

  4. I’m a student and I’m new to grocery shopping and couponing… Do you have to buy these tearpads or are they just laying around the store for you to pick up?

  5. It’s good

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