Extreme Couponing Canada: March Tearpad Coupons Found Today

extreme couponing canada

Those who follow Extreme Couponing Canada on Facebook know that I headed out to look for the new tearpad coupons yesterday evening. Good news is there were some great finds!

A tip when looking for tearpads is to go with a friend or family member and try to aim for an area with a few stores within walking or close driving distance. 2 sets of eyes are better than one! I go on these big hunting trips with my friend and fellow coupon fanatic Emily and we tend to score a of lot finds when we go together.

The majority of the coupons were found at Save on Foods and Shoppers Drug Mart with the exception of the $0.75 D’italiano which was found at Zellers, The $3 Tylenol Cough/Cold which was found at Walmart and the Chocolate eggs, Del Monte and McVitie’s found at IGA.

So here’s what we found from left to right, top to bottom (booklet covers shown next to corresponding coupons):

  • $0.75 off any D’italiano Product, exp Sept 30/12
  • $2 off when you buy any 4 Participating Kraft Foods products (any variety), exp April 7/12
  • $0.75 off any Adams product, exp July 30/12
  • $0.75 off any Smucker’s product, exp July 30/12
  • FREE Trop50 vitamin enhanced juice beverage (1.75L, any variety) when you buy any 3 participating Quaker products, exp April 18/12
  • $1 off Harvest Splendour Medleys, exp  May 31/12 (from last month as well)
  • $3 off any Zantac product, exp July 31/12
  • $2 off any Revlon Beauty Tools, exp June 30/12
  • $1 off any Lactantia Lactaid 2L Lactose Free Milk, exp June 30/12
  • $3 off any adult Tylenol Cold & Sinus Product, exp June 1/12
  • $3 off any Tylenol Arthritis Pain product (50 caplets or larger). exp July 31/12
  • $1 off any Lever 2000 Bar (4 Pack) or Body Wash. exp  May 31/12
  • $4 off L’oreal Sublime Mousse, exp Dec 31/12
  • $1 off any Noxema Product, exp Aug 31/12
  • $1 off on the purchase of any 2 Del Monte Fruit Snacks 108g and 324g sizes, exp  Sept 30/12
  • $1 off any Nativa Organics Cereal (Only at Shoppers Drug Mart), exp Mar 30/12
  • $3 off Benylin All-In-One Cold & Flu product, exp  July 31/12
  • FREE Aero, Coffe Crisp or Rolo Egg when you buy 3 (23g-32g), exp May 1/12
  • $0.50 off any McVitie’s Product 300g – 500g,  exp May 31/12
  • $3 off any Adult Tylenol Cough/Cold Product, exp April 30/12
  • $0.50 off any Mrs Renfro’s Salsa, exp Dec 31/13

If anyone needs any extra details from any of the coupons, feel free to leave a comment below!


  1. Great job!!! One question, are you taking all the tearaways or just a couple of coupons from each pad????


    • Tanya

      Liliane, I NEVER take whole tearpads. I always leave plenty behind for everyone else. I take one of each coupon I find in order to post on the website for informational purposes in these in-store tearpad posts. If there are coupons for products I use or would like to try I will take a few from the tearpads at each store or throughout the month as I do my regular shopping.

      I do these larger coupon hunting trips at the beginning of each month and stop by 6-7 stores. Any other tearpad coupons found throughout the month are also on regular shopping trips.

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  2. One more thing…. Do you do this at the beginning of every month or weekly????

  3. In what store did you find the:

    $2 off when you buy any 4 Participating Kraft Foods products (any variety), exp April 7/12

    $1 off on the purchase of any 2 Del Monte Fruit Snacks 108g and 324g sizes, exp Sept 30/12

    $1 off any Noxema Product, exp Aug 31/12

    • Tanya

      Hi Brenda,

      Kraft and Del Monte were found at Save On Foods but I also spotted the Del Monte at IGA.

      Noxema was from Shoppers Drug Mart

      • Hi Rosi,I hate it when that happens!! Unfortuneately the couopn may have not been in your inserts. All couopn inserts vary by region. In fact I often find that our local paper doesn’t have many of the couopns as the paper that comes from another town (which is the one I end up getting).

  4. Seriously. I am having such a hard time finding shelf talker tear pads in my local Save-Ons, IGA’s, etc. I think they throw them out so they don’t have to deal with as many coupons. Anybody else thinking the same thing??

    • I’ve seen people take the whole tearpad… so if you don’t see it on the shelf… i’m willing to bet quite a bit than someone has taken the whole thing.

  5. Hi Tanya,
    Which stores did you find all these coupons I look for tear pads but am not very sucessfull in locating them

  6. Can i ask where you got your buy 3get 1 free chocolate?

    • Tanya

      Hi Patsy,

      That one came from IGA :)

    • Hello neice of mine first visit to your blog and I love it!!! Can’t wait to hear about Thanksgiving dinner. We are hanvig a turkey for the first time in about 10 years usually have seafood. Love, Aunt Sharon

  7. At Canadian Tire, there are coupons for $3.00 off any Pedigree dog food, as well as coupons for Pedigree dog treats.

  8. Hi Tanya,

    Do you have extra Chocolate egg ones to trade?

  9. Tanya: Where in the stores do you generally find the tear pads. I haven’t seen them, but I haven’t really been looking closely.

    • Tanya

      Hi Sandie,

      I find they’re usually around the middle of the shelf areas next to the products or often on store displays strewn throughout middle and end aisles. On displays check the sides or the top!

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