Extreme Couponing Canada: No Frills and Safeway shopping

extreme couponing canada

A No Frills store recently opened in my area which I was ecstatic about because beforehand the closest location was a 30 minute drive, and was not very coupon friendly the one time I tried shopping there. I love No Frills. Their sales are fantastic and even their regular prices are very reasonable. It also helps that the manager at the new location is very efficient and coupon friendly! I see myself doing many more Extreme Couponing Canada shops there in the near future!

I’m also going to start including the coupon sources of each of the coupons I use in my shops, since this is one of the most popular questions. Please note that some coupons are a limited time offer though, so by the time I post these shops, a lot of them are no longer available. I will be posting whenever new coupons do come up on these sites though, so you can all take advantage of them as well!

Today’s Extreme Couponing Canada breakdown:

8 bananas = $1.57 – $1 coupon (from back of cereal box) = $0.57
2 x raspberries = $2 – (2) $1 coupons (from back of cereal box) = FREE
D’italiano bread = $2 – $0.75 coupon (from tear pad in stores) = $1.25
2 x Grill ‘Ems sausages = $2 – (2) $1 coupons (from websaver.ca) = $1 each
2 x Juicy Jumbos hot dogs = $2 – (2) $1 coupons (from websaver.ca) = $1 each
2 x Lancia pasta = $1 each, no coupons but great price for a 650g package
4 x Oasis orange juice = $2 – $0.75 coupon (from gocoupons.ca) = $1.25 each
2 x Piller’s sandwich meat = $2 – $0.50 coupon (from in-store rep on previous trip) = $1.50 each
2 x Toaster Strudel $2 – (2) $1 coupons (from save.ca)
2 x large pack eggos $3.29 – 1 SCOP and (2) $2 coupons = FREE + $0.71

Subtotal: $39.16 (saved over 50% already by shopping sale prices instead of regular prices)
Coupons used: $17.75 + $3.29 SCOP
Total paid: $18.12

There’s a little back story behind the eggos. I was chatting with the very nice lady behind me in line about coupons while the cashier was waiting for a supervisor to override some of my coupons, so I missed the eggos ringing in at the wrong price. This is why I always double check my receipt before leaving the store. The shelf tag said $3.29 but they rang in at $4.67 and the manager happened to be right there when I came back in. He very nicely led me to an open cash lane, processed the price difference and had no troubles with the scanning code of practice (if you’re not familiar with it read my post here.) He even said not to worry about the coupons, so I ended up making money buying them.

On a side note, it’s always refreshing when the person behind you in line doesn’t make a fuss over having to wait a few extra minutes because of your coupons. And it’s even better when they ask you for shopping tips!

I also made a little shopping trip last night at Safeway.

extreme couponing canada

Yesterday’s Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

4 x Renee’s salad dressing = $2.50 – (4) $2.50 coupons (from backs of cereal boxes) = FREE
Nestea 12 pack cans = $6.99 – FPC (from previous icoke promo)= FREE + B1G1 movie admission coupon!

Subtotal: $16.99
Taxes, recycling and deposits: $1.67
Coupons: $16.99
Total paid: $1.67

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