Extreme Couponing Canada shop: A Few Zellers Pricematching and Clearance Deals

extreme couponing canada

I was in the Zellers area today so I stopped in to PM some Glade decor scents since it’s the last day of the shoppers drug mart flyer with them on sale as 2/$3.99. I bought 2 refills (one disappeared in the trunk of the car, will retrieve tomorrow!) and 2 holders with 2 different insert coupons for each since they specify one per customer.

Also found some wonderful clearance deals that matched perfectly with my coupons!

Here’s the breakdown:

2 x Glade decor scents holders 2/$3.99 PM SDM – (2) $2 coupons from previous insert= FREE + $0.01
2 x Glade decor scents refills 2/$3.99 PM SDM – (2) $1 coupons from previous insert= $1.99 for 2
Janes swedish meatballs $4 clearance – $1.50 coupon from tear pads a few months back = $2.50
Pogo 4 pack $0.97 – $1 coupon from coupon booklet a few months back = FREE = $0.03

Subtotal: $12.95
SPC discount: $1.30
Taxes: $0.95
Coupons used: $8.5
Total paid: $4.10

Extreme Couponing Canada breakdown:

62% coupon and SPC savings
86% coupon savings based on regular prices

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