Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping At Safeway, Canadian Tire & Walmart, 82% Savings

extreme couponing canada

Here are my shopping trips from this weekend including buys with the Canadian Tire Scratch card promo. I was able to get 6 cards from my apartment’s recycling bin, so we 3 of us went to redeem them over the 2 day promotion!

Here’s the breakdown:

Canadian Tire

Transaction #1

2 x 40 Ct Garbage Bags $2

Eco Foil Bakeware $1

Subtotal: $5 – $5 Scratch Card
Taxes: $0.60
Total paid: $0.60

Transaction #2

Q-Tips $3.59

40 Ct Garbage Bags $2

Subtotal: $5.59 – $5 Scratch Card
Taxes: $0.67
Total paid: $1.26

Transaction #3

2 x Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh $2.99

Subtotal $5.98 – $5 Scratch Card
Taxes: $0.72
Total paid: $1.70

Click on Read More to see the rest of the shopping trip details ——->

Transaction #4

Plant Fertilizer $5.99

Subtotal: $5.99 – $5 Scratch Card
Taxes: $0.72
Total paid: $1.71

Transactions #5 & #6

2 x Free Armor All (no purchase necessary)


3 x Club House La Grille Seasoning $3 – (3) $2 coupons from save.ca = $1 each
3 x Revlon Nail Files $1.77 – (3) $2 coupons from tearpads, N/A anymore = +$0.69
Pizza Pops $2 – $0.75 (save.ca) = $1.25

Subtotal: $16.31
Taxes: $0.63
Coupons used: $12.75
Total paid: $4.19


3 x Swiffer Refills $3.99 – (3) $1.50 coupons from brandsaver insert = $2.49 + 30 airmiles WUB 2
3 x Swiffer Dusters $3.99 – (3) $1.50 coupons from brandsaver insert = $2.49 + 30 airmiles WUB 2
2 x Febreze Set & Refresh $3.59 – (2) Free WUB 3 Swiffer coupons from brandsaver insert = FREE

Subtotal: $31.12
Taxes: $3.73
Coupons used: $16.18
Total paid: $18.67 + 90 airmiles earned (worth ~$9!)

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Regular retail price: ~$103
Sale Prices: $69.99
Coupons used: $48.93
Total paid: $18.54 + $7.07 of taxes but earned 90 airmiles worth $9!

Sale Price Savings: 74%
Retail Price Savings: 82%


  1. I am new still to couponing and doing my best to learn, although I’ve always been shall we say Thrifty the coupons are a whole new world. My question at this point is when you shop at Canadian tire with your coupons do you still get Canadian tire money back? Can you use coupons and Canadian tire money together?

    • Tanya

      Hi Monica,

      Yes you do still get Canadian Tire money! Only if you use cash or debit though. And you can combine it with coupons since Canadian Tire money is a form of tender.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Ingenious use of the Canadian Tire scratch coupons, Tanya!

  3. I don’t know how you manage to always get great deals. And where do you get the Canadian tire scratch cards?

    I wish Canada could coupon like the US.

    Love your website!


    • Tanya

      Hi Amber,

      By keeping up on great sales and coupons :) The Canadian Tire scratch cards came in the mail with the weekly flyer. If you live in a house they should come in your flyer bundles, typically the CT flyer comes on Wednesdays.

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Im in Calgary and the Canadian tire flyer comes on Thursday, and trust me im all over those flyers to see what kind of deals there are. ive sadly never found any scratch cards.
    I wonder if any one else in calgary has ever come across them. it would be nice to get those deals.


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  6. I have a question, I’ve noticed you use the same coupon 3 times (for example the swiffer refills, or the revlon files). How do you do that? I always thought if you had a coupon you always have to limit it to one per transaction.

    • Tanya

      Hi Claudia,

      The coupons say one per purchase which means one coupon can be used per item purchased. If it’s one per transaction or one per customer/person only one may be used regardless of quantity purchased.

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