Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping at Target $6.68 Paid for $43 Worth of Items

extreme couponing canada

A few of you may know from Facebook that I was in Seattle this weekend, and like always I perused the online printable coupons from the Target website and several US coupon blogs.

I like couponing at Target in the US because I find they’re hassle free, and they allow you to combine a manufacturer coupon with a Target store coupon. I hope when Target locations start opening across Canada the coupon system will be similar!

Here are the deals I found (All coupons used were printables):

Pretzel Chips $1.99 – $1 coupon = $0.99
4 x Renu Contact Solution $1.74 – (4) $2 coupons = + $0.26 each
6 x Eco Tools Loofah’s $1.53 (clearance) – (6) $1 coupons = $0.53 each
Revlon Complexion Compact (clearance) $3.47 – $2 coupon = $1.47
2 x Revlon Nail Polish $1.18 (clearance) – $2 coupon adjusted to $1.18 = FREE

Subtotal: $23.96
Taxes: $2.08
Coupons used: $19.36
Total paid: $6.68

Retail Prices: $42.66
Sale/Clearance Prices: $23.96
Sale Price Savings: 72%
Retail Price Savings: 84%

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  1. Awesome deals, can’t wait until Target comes to Canada!

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