Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping at Walmart by Hailey F.

A lovely reader, Hailey, sent us details about an amazing shopping trip she had recently at Walmart and we wanted to share it with you!

Heres the breakdown!

Mr Christie Oreo’s $2 + Mr Christie Chips Ahoy $2 +$2 off when you buy two Mr Christie products = $1 each
Mr Christie Chewey $2 + $0.75 off = $1.25
Oatmeal Crisp $4.47 + $1 off = $3.47 (and you get a free breakfast item worth $4)
Head and Shoulders $3.96 + $1 off = $2.96
Skintimate Shave Gels $2.46 each x3 + 3 $2 off coupons = $0.46 each
Edge Shave Gels $2.46 each x3 + 3 $2 off coupons = $0.46 each
Kraft Singles $5.47 + Free Product Coupon = FREE!!
Kraft Amooza Cheese Strings + Free Product Coupon = FREE!!
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste $1.00 + $1 off coupon = FREE!!
Newmans Own Salad Dressing $3.17 + $0.75 off = $2.42

For anyone wondering, the free product coupons for Kraft were from the Kraft Samplicious package we posted last month.

Great job Hailey and thank you so much for sharing! :)


  1. Wow i guess i am lucky ! in my area my local library gets a city wide free paper that has all the suadny inserts in it. So i get the Sunday paper and i only have to get one and then everyone Wed. I can go and get as many as i want. So if you lie in Broward County Florida keep an eye out

  2. Lynn, that’s why I don’t use coupons, I never buy the prdutcos that they’re for. I keep our food bill low by buying store brands where I don’t have a preference like foil, trash bags and butter. I make tea instead of buying sodas ($4 makes 8 gallons). Hubby is a butcher, and gets to pay cost for all of our meat (whole chickens are $2) I don’t buy anything from the deli, if I want a turkey or ham sandwich, I use turkey or ham leftover from one I cooked for dinner. There is someone home four days a week, so we can cook old school. We can make a meal of a pot of beans and collards (actually, two- we make chili from the beans and leftover greens are good with grilled pork chops) I only buy paper towels if I have room in the budget, if not, we use dish cloths. I make cloth napkins from sewing scraps, so I don’t have to buy those. And I don’t have to buy everything every week. A bag of rice($2.69) will last us about a month. Vegetables are fresh or frozen, fruit is fresh or dried. Lily loves fruit, so I keep it around. I do this for about $50-60 a week, plus the $20 hubby spends on meat.

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