Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping: Clearance Finds at RCSS and Walmart

extreme couponing canada

Stopped by Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart for today’s shopping trip since their new flyers started today! Vileda Scrunge is 20% off this week so the easy grip sponges are a great deal at  just $1.57, $0.07 each after the $3 WUB 2 coupon from a previous Red Plum Insert or $0.57 each after the $1 printable coupon linked below.

I also spotted some great clearance deals at both stores, including John Frieda flyaway tamer which I have been wanting to try forever! I can’t stress enough how important it is to check clearance sections or keep an eye out for clearance tags because you can often find great coupon deals!

Here’s today’s breakdown:


3 x Kraft BBQ Sauce $1 – $1 WUB 3 Selected Kraft Products coupon from tearpad = $0.67 each
2 x John Frieda Touchup Flyaway Tamer $3 – $5 WUB 2 coupon from tearpad = $0.50 each

Subtotal: $9
Taxes: $0.72
Coupons used: $6
Total paid: $3.72

Real Canadian Superstore:

4 x Covergirl Beauty To Go Kits $9.94 – 50% sticker – (2) $4 coupons from brandsaver.ca (N/A anymore) & (2) $2 coupons from brandsaver insert = 2 @ $0.94 and 2 @ $2.94
2 x Vileda Scrunge Multipurpose $2.37 – (2) $1 printable coupons from here = $1.37
8 x Vileda Scrunge Easy Grip $1.57 – (4) $3 coupons from previous redplum insert = $0.07 each!

Subtotal: $37.18
Taxes: $4.46
Coupons used: $26
Total paid: $15.64

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Retail Prices: ~$91
Sale Prices: $46.18
Coupons used: $32
Total paid: $14.18 + $5.18 taxes

Savings off sale prices: 69%
Savings off retail prices: 84%

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  1. The Vileda brand Scrunge sponges are available everyday in a packet of two at Dollarama for 1$. I live in Montreal and have been buying them there for the past four years. The only difference between the ones that you bought and the ones at Dollarama are the shape of the sponge.

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