Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping: Great Shoppers Bonus Redemption Deals!

extreme couponing canada

Stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart this PM to redeem some points and cash in on the amazing Kraft deal going on right now! When you buy 4 select products, you earn 8,000 Shoppers Optimum Points!

I ended up redeeming 50,000 points for $110 off, but earned 56,000 points and paid $13.91 out of pocket, essentially making everything free with the exception of taxes!

Here’s what I picked up:

3 x Bounty Paper Towels $4.99 – (2) $1.25 WUB 2 (brandsaver.ca) & $0.50 (brandsaver.ca) = $4.49
2 x Life Toilet Paper $5.49
Hunger Games Blu Ray $25.99
Wong Wing Appetizers $8.99
28 x Cadbury Chocolate Bars $1.99 & 2/$4 – (4) $1 WUB 2 coupons from tearpads + 8,000 points earned for every 4 purchased!

Subtotal: $116.73
Taxes: $12.93
Coupons used: $5.75
Points Redeemed: 50,000 for $110 off
Total Paid: $13.91
Points Earned: 56,110!


  1. Hi Tanya,

    I’m new to using Shoppers Optimum Points and just wondered if you still earn points in the same transaction when you are redeeming points?
    For example I have 8,000 (equal to $10), if I were to buy 5 Dairy Milk Chocolate bars, that equals $10, and redeem those 8,000 points to pay for the transaction, would I still get 8,000 points?

    I looked back at an old receipt when I redeemed $10 worth of points for an item that was $11.99 and I only received points on the $1.99 portion…


    • Tanya

      Hi Cappellis,

      You won’t earn regular base points on the amount you redeem but when there are bonus points on products, like buy 2 get 1000 bonus points, you will still get them! :)

      So yes, if you bought 5 chocolate bars and redeemed $10 you would get 8,000 points back making the chocolate bars free!

  2. Hi Tanya,
    Do you need a shoppers coupon for the chocolate bars? I’m thinking of buying it :D

    • Tanya

      Hi Jul,

      No you don’t need a coupon :) The points come on automatically and the promotion ends September 23!

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