Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping @ London Drugs: FREE Vileda Scrunge + $0.99 Purex = 99% Savings

extreme couponing canada

London Drugs has a great deal on Vileda Scrunge right now! The Vileda multi-purpose 2 packs are on clearance for $1.99. The deal is while quantities last and stock may vary by store. I stopped by 2 locations to grab these and there were more than enough at both which must mean the stores are clearing out all their stock.

I combined the $1 and $3 coupons from the latest Redplum Insert since London Drugs allows stacking, but if you didn’t get one, there is a $1 printable coupon as well that will make each box $0.99, still a great deal!

Here’s the breakdown (combined from 2 trips):

Purex Ultra Packs Laundry Detergent $3.99 – (2) coupons from sample mailouts + $1 printable coupon from here= $0.99
2 x Vileda Dish Wand Scrubber $2.39 – (2) $3 coupons from redplum + (2) $1 coupons from redplum combined with 2 refills below = $0.09 each
2 x Vileda Dish Wand Refills $1.79 clearance
20 x Vileda Multi-Purpose Scrunge $1.99 – (10) $3 coupons from redplum + (10) $1 coupons from redplum = FREE + $0.20

Subtotal: $52.15
Taxes: $6.25
Coupons used: $51
Total paid: $1.15 + $6.25 taxes

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Regular Retail Price: $83.80
Total Savings off retail: 99%


  1. Thanks for sharing, but I find these coupon stacking posts not useful. The only stores that do this are in the West and no one else in the country can do stacking so when we see a great blog post like this and want to learn how it is done, we just learn that it cannot be done where we live.

    Maybe when you do these posts you should label them as “Western Canada only” or “London Drugs” or “stacking” in the title.

    I don’t want to be rude, I really do like this blog, and it has been very helpful. Just trying to make a suggestion that will save time for your readers who are not in the West. Other blogs do this too, you are not at all the only one

    • Tanya

      Hi M,

      No worries, I appreciate the constructive criticism and don’t think you’re being rude at all :) I think it’s fair to request that west only posts are labeled so, as to not cause any confusion.

      I’ve changed the title and will do this for future posts as well. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!

  2. Thanks for heads up on this! I’ve been quite busy lately to snag up this deal when you posted… But hopefully when I get the chance to go in a couple days, they’ll still be some left! Definitely want to pick up some Vileda Scrunges!

    • Tanya

      I checked out 2 stores and they had lots so I don’t think you’ll have trouble finding them Em! One of the stores didn’t even have the clearance price on them, just the regular shelf price but I priced checked them and they rang up as $1.99.

  3. No matter what this is still a good deal for the multi-purpose sponge because if not stacking coupons you can use the $3 coupon which still makes it $1 for 2 of the sponges…. Still a good deal in my eyes

    • Tanya

      It’s definitely a good deal for sponges Nicole :) Hope you’re able to grab some as well!

  4. @Nicole, yes you’re right, it is still a good deal. But London Drugs is only in the West, so the stacking part really doesn’t make a difference to those who don’t have London Drugs. Thanks Tanya. Great blog!

    • Tanya

      Hopefully London Drugs will expand out east one day :)

  5. I have the printable coupon for vileda. So if I was wanting to have a coupon for each sponge.. do I just print the coupon of ten times?? Kind of a dumb question but I’m still learning!

    • Tanya

      Hi Soozee,

      Yes you can use one printable coupon per item you purchase, so 10 boxes of vileda = 10 coupons, however this particular coupon is limit 2 prints per computer as it prints through the smartsource applet

  6. Finally had a chance to step out and emulate your awesome deal, Tanya. Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance. I am still learning this stacking thing-y, and I think I LIKE it!! It’s AMAZING. Glad London Drugs lets people do this. Is there anywhere else that allows stacking, and how? Thanks again!

    • Tanya

      That’s great Leslie, glad you were able to get in on the deal too! You’re always very welcome. Stacking is a great privilege, especially for us BC-er’s with so many London Drugs in the area!

      Save On Foods also allows stacking but it really depends on the location. Some are a lot more picky than others while some don’t allow stacking at all. Best to check first before making an attempt!

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