Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping @ Safeway, LD & WM: $1 Glad Bags & Cheap Febreze! 80% Savings Off Retail

extreme couponing canada

Picked up some deals this week with soon to be expiring P&G coupons and also stocked up on smelly items for my mom who is obsessed with them! The Febreze Set N Refresh kits are great for cars if anyone is looking for a secondary use for them. Just slip it into the holder on the side door.

London Drug deals are valid until Wednesday and Safeway deals are valid until Thursday of this week!

Here’s the breakdown:


6 x Mr. Clean Magic Eraser $2.99 – (3) $2 WUB 2 coupons from brandsaver = $1.99 + 20 airmiles WUB 2
3 x Febreze Set N Refresh Starters $3.59 – (2) free WUB 3 Mr. Clean coupons from brandsaver+ 1 free w/ buy 2 get 1 free in-store deal = FREE

Subtotal: $25.12
Coupons used: $13.18
Taxes: $3.01
Total paid: $14.95 + 60 airmiles earned! (worth ~$6)

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London Drugs

2 x Greenworks Cleaners $2/$5 – $2 WUB 2 coupon from LD tearpad + $1 from tearpad+ $0.50 in-store coupon = FREE
2 x Greenworks Dishsoap 2/$4 – $1 coupon from tearpad + $0.50 in-store coupon= $0.50
8 x Febreze Set N Refresh Starters 2/$5 – (3) $3 WUB 2 coupons from brandsaver + (2) free WUB 3 febreze coupons from brandsaver= $6 for all 8

Subtotal: $29
Taxes: $3.48
Coupons used: $22
Total paid: $10.48


4 x Glad Recycling Bags $3 clearance – $2 coupons printed from here = $1
Zantac 3 pack $2.22 – $3 coupon from tearpad = FREE + $0.78
4 x Glade Sense N Spray value packs $7.30 – BOGO coupon from websaver.ca = $3.65 each!

Subtotal: $43.42
Taxes: $5.21
Coupons used: $25.60
Total paid: $23.03

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Retail prices: ~$150
Sale Prices: $97.54
Coupons used: $60.78
Total paid: $36.76 + $11.70 taxes + 60 airmiles earned!

Savings off sale price: 69% (inc Airmile value)
Savings off retail price: 80% (inc Airmile value)


  1. Im curious but does London Drugs and Safeway allow stacking? It seems they do by this post ? Thanks

  2. Hi! I was in my local Walmart on Aug.20th and grabbed the same deal for the zantac, $2.22 and used the $3.00 off coupon but the cashier wouldn’t give me the overage or apply it to my purchase. When I mentioned that the store’s coupon policy states that they use the full coupon value regardless of product price, she went and got a someone from customer service. They gave me some story saying that redeeming the coupons for the full value is defrauding the company who issues the coupons when the product is a lesser price. They said that a cashier manager decided that my Walmart will only be redeeming them for product price if is less than the coupon. So far there isn’t a coupon policy change but I wonder if ther will be one? Do you ever have issues when redeeming coupons? I always try to be calm and patient but it isn’t easy.

    • Tanya

      Hi! I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you had at your store. It is written right into Walmart’s policy that when a coupon value is more than the item the overage can be applied to the basket purchase or given back in cash. The policy has not changed as far as I know. Hopefully there won’t be a change anytime soon.

      I have not had a problem with redeeming coupons when the value is higher then the product. At times the cashier has been misinformed, but after a quick call to a supervisor the issue is cleared up and they have no problem putting the coupons through.

  3. I thought london drugs store coupons states can’t be combined with other coupons which means no stacking is allowed.

    • I agree Jon ,I was as well under impression as well as read the coupon policy and I agree says NO STACKING thats why I asked the question . I have not gotten a reply to it so Im still at a loss, about it .

      • Safeway doesn’t allow it but London Drugs does as well as a few other stores. Check the weekly grocery match up, not only does it show you which stores allow stacking but it shows you which coupons you can use.

  4. Tanya

    Jon & Kate: Safeway does not allow stacking but London Drugs does. They are quite specific about the wording on coupons though. In this case, there was one coupon used per item which was allowable by both stores after checking at customer service.

    The buy 2 save $3 coupon or buy 2 save $2 coupons applied to each febreze or Mr. Clean item, while the buy 3 get 1 free coupon applied to the extra set n refresh kits. Most do not consider this stacking as there is still one coupon used per item. As with most cases though, it’s always recommended to check with customer service first to make sure.

  5. Hi, Tanya. May I ask which London Drugs you go to? I have gone to two different ones near my home, and both give me such a hard time since they changed their coupon policies regarding stacking. They make me feel like a criminal! And they would NEVER allow me to use a L.D. coupon stacked w/a manufacturer’s coupon. I actually hate going to L.D.’s now, because of the hassles they give. They inspect each and every single coupon and conference with one another for minutes on end to come to their own interpretation of what specifications the manufacturer has set out. Mainly to try to refuse stacking. Good Lord! It’s painful!!

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