Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping: Walmart Clearance and Shopping Deals! Retail $162, Paid $20.87

extreme couponing canada

Headed to Walmart this AM to pick up some cereal for the free movie tickets and stumbled across some AMAZING $1 clearance deals! The 2 pack hair dyes and dove sets were all $1 each! I have dark hair, but picked up the hair dye for a friend since they were essentially free after coupon. Definitely keep an eye out at your Walmart as I’ve heard a few of these deals have been spotted at Walmarts across Canada.

And for the first time since the new brandsaver issue came out I found stock of the trial size pro health mouthwashes! These are ALWAYS sold at my location.

So here’s the breakdown:

2 x Oatmeal Crisp Cereals $3.97 (no coupon but free movie codes on boxes!)
6 x Dove 3 Pack Body Mist $1 (clearance!)
Nice ‘n Easy 2 Pack $1 (clearance!) – $2 coupon from brandsaver insert = FREE + $1
L’image 2 pack $1 (clearance!)
10 x Trial Sized Crest Pro-Health Rinses $1 – (10) $1 coupons from brandsaver = FREE
10 x Crest Glide Flosses $3.98 – FREE coupon WUB any Crest Rinse from brandsaver = FREE

Subtotal: $65.74
Coupons used: $51.80
Taxes: $6.93
Total paid: $20.87

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Regular Retail Price: ~ $162
Sale Prices: $65.74
My price: $20.87


  1. where is the clearance section usually located in the Walmarts? Any specific area or do you have to do a whole store walkabout? Thanks and awesome deals

  2. Tracee, it is different for each store. For toiletries, there is usually a small end cap set aside for clearance items. If not, look for clearance tags on old stock that is still on the shelf through out the section. Some stores will put a couple of rolling carts up near the tills full of clearance items to get the stuff to move faster.
    Tanya, did you use all 10 coupons in one transaction, ie. for the mouthwashes? I have never been brave enough to do that yet, for fear they won’t allow it. And have you ever had trouble trying to redeem for the trial sizes, I thought P&G don’t allow the coupons on the trial sizes?

  3. Tanya

    It’s exactly as Sylvia said Tracee, I found the hairdyes on an endcap near the section but the dove sets were found on the bottom shelf in the regular aisle.

    I did use all the coupons in one transaction Sylvia. They must have just restocked the mouthwashes because the trial bin was full so I thought I’d go for it since they’re always out of stock. Most of the P&G coupons do restrict trial sizes but not this one. I haven’t had and issue with trial sizes before although sometimes the cashier takes their time to read the coupon, but as soon as you point out the any “wording” they seem to be fine with it. And I always try to find the nicest looking cashier :D

  4. (Did I mention you’re a rockstar?! :D ) teehee! I’m going to go for this one later, and I will try both locations. I live in Langley but I prefer the South Surrey location at Grandview Corners (160th?) They expanded ours earlier this year but I still prefer the other one.

  5. I went to the Abbotsford walmart to try to get my crest pro health rinse and floss – and they told me they couldn’t accept my coupons because it was stacking…I tried to argue very politely that it most definitely wasn’t and then they went to their manager who apparently said the same thing. My mom went to the SAME location later that day and was able to use her coupons with no issues. :( I am going to try again at the Langley store. But they made me feel like an idiot, even though I knew what I was doing!

    • Tanya

      Hi Desiree,

      So sorry to hear about your experience :( I find that running into these problems from time to time is inevitable and just bad luck. Good for you for standing your ground though, I would have done the same but unfortunately you can’t win them all. At my local Walmart there was one occasion where the cashier said I could only use one of my brandsaver coupons because they said “one per purchase”. I tried to kindly explain that that meant one for each product. I was then turned to a supervisor who said the same. Funny thing is, I have been using coupons at this location for 2 years, always use more than one and only had a problem that ONE time. Needless to say, i always choose a different cashier now!

      Hope it worked out for you at the Langley location!

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