Extreme Couponing Canada Tip: Stretch your dollar and your coupons with product promo’s

extreme couponing canada

*Bumping this post as there are many products with promo’s currently on shelves!

To name a few:

  • Free green giant veggies on Hamburger Helper Boxes
  • Free movie snack on Old El Paso Kits
  • BOGO Movie Admission on Select cereals, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Pizza Pops etc,
  • Free yoga mat pins on special k items
  • Free dry fit shirt pins on vector cereals

It is very common for companies to draw attention to their products by offering promotions right on the packaging. This can be in the form of a mail in offer, a contest offer or a coupon offer. Coupon offers are my personal favorite and can really stretch your dollar. These product promotions are most common on cereal boxes. At any point in time, you’ll always be able to find at least a couple of boxes with different promotions on them.

When you see a promo, take note of it, especially if it’s on or for a product you use or would like to try. Match up your coupons with these products to maximize your savings. Sometimes it may even be worth it to buy a product just to get the coupon offered, if the value of the coupon is greater then the price of the product. A great example is the Special K box with the $5 skinny cow coupon. The Special K cost me $2.64, so if you’re going to buy the skinny cow ice cream anyway, buy the Special K first and cut out the coupon! If you don’t like the product you can give it away to a friend or neighbour.

extreme couponing canada

In this particular photo:

  • The Shreddies cereal box was free with a coupon from a promotion on the Shreddies Facebook Fanpage. I used the free coupon on the Shreddies box that has $12 of Hidden Valley and Glad coupons on the back of the box.
  • The nestea powder was free with a coupon from the rubbermaid pitcher I purchased on a previous shopping trip and has (5) $2 coupons for delissio on the label. So for $5.27 I got a pitcher, a nestea powder canister and will get 5 cheap pizzas when a sale rolls around!
  • The Special K was on clearance for $2.64, I used a $1 coupon from websaver.ca, paid $1.64 and on the inside of the box is a $5 off skinny cow coupon! Skinny Cow novelties go on sale for $5 every now and then so $1.64 for a box of cereal and a box of skinny cow!


Have a read over our other extreme couponing canada tips to ensure you’re well prepared to maximize your savings during every shopping trip!

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