Extreme Couponing Canada: Weekend Shopping Deals at Shoppers, Save On & IGA, 85% Off Retail Prices

extreme couponing canada

Here are my shopping deals from the coupon hunting trip with Emily. Got some great deals on organic veggies which is a first. The Bath and Body works items were freebies, the sanitizer they were giving out in store while the travel sized body mist was free with this coupon here.

Here are the rest of the deals:

Shoppers Drug Mart

4 x Garnier Shampoo $1.99 – (4) $1 coupons from metro newspaper, N/A anymore = $0.99

Subtotal: $7.96
Taxes: $0.95
Coupons used: $4.91
Total paid: $4.91


2 x Kraft Salad Dressing $1
Trident Splash $3.99 – Free Coupon WUB 2 Kraft from tearpad, in stores now = FREE

Subtotal: $5.99
Taxes: $0.48
Coupons used: $3.99
Total paid: $2.48

Save on Foods

2 x Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce $2.50 – BOGO from smartsource.ca, N/A anymore =$1.25
Triscuit Crackers $2.99 – FPC from Facebook, N/A anymore= FREE
Dentyne Ice Gum $3.69 – Free Coupon WUB 2 Kraft from tearpad, in stores now = FREE
Organic Broccoli $1.71 – $1 from tearpad = $0.71
Organic Carrots $1.89 – $1 from tearpad = $0.89

Subtotal: $15.28
Taxes: $0.44
Coupons used: $11.18
Total paid: $4.54

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Retail Prices: ~$60
Sale Prices: $29.23
Coupons used: $20.08
Total paid: $9.15 +  $1.87 taxes

Sale price coupon savings: 69%
Retail price savings: 85%


  1. I have a question for you, Tanya. I saw on another coupon site that you can purchase $75. worth of goods from Shoppers Drug Mart, pay with coupons & bring your total down and STILL get the bonus 18,500 points when they have promo days. Well, I tried this yesterday, and it did not work. I HAD to spend $75. AFTER coupons to get the bonus. What do you know about the bonus shopping days at SDM? I want to be able to do what is mentioned. Purchase the amount SDM states, then bring the total that I pay down, & still get the points. If it apparently works for others, what am I doing wrong? Thanks, Leslie

    • Tanya

      Hi Leslie, you can only use dollar off coupons ie. $1 off, $2 off, $2.50 off as these are rung in under code 2001. Free product coupons are rung in under a different code, 2002 which you don’t have to pay taxes on but you don’t get points on either.

  2. Thanks, Tanya. As usual, you rock! Have a great vacation!

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