Extreme Couponing Canada: Yesterday’s Shoppers 20x points trip

extreme couponing canada

For those of you who have read through some of my shopping trips before, you know that I love Shoppers Drug Mart’s 20x the points days! They’re great for stocking up on grocery necessities there are normally no coupons for, since the return on points is so high. I didn’t use too many coupons today but still consider this a successful Extreme Couponing Canada shopping trip.

Today’s Extreme Couponing Canada breakdown:

Table salt $1

4L Milk $4.29
3 x Eggs $2.79 = $8.37 (sounds expensive but is cheaper than the grocery store after factoring in points)
2 x Purex 3 in 1 refills = $3.99 – (2) $2 coupons (mailout) = $1.99 each
2 x Sugar $1.99 = $3.98
Silhouette yogurt $4.99
6 x Sensodyne toothpaste $4.49 – (6) $1.50 coupons (from the dentist’s office) = $2.99
Rub a535 $8.49 – $1.50 (printable) = $6.99

Taxes: $5.21
Coupons used: $14.50
Total Paid: $56.75

Points earned: 15540,  equivalent to about $33 during bonus redemption. So the way I see it, is spend $57 on products I would absolutely buy anyway and get back $33 of store credit to be used on groceries again!

When factoring in the points, the trip cost a total of $24. Before couponing we would spend $4 on a tube of Sensodyne and stock up when it went to that sale price. That would have cost us $27 for 6 tubes back then, but now with coupons and smart shopping we can get $66 of groceries for even less than that $27.

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