Extreme Couponing Canada’s Stock up Price List

grocery store stock up

About a month ago, a reader suggested I post a stock up price list. I thought that was a great idea and have been keeping an eye out on prices and coupons to keep this list current! For the time being, this list will include everything but fresh food items since those vary by what region of the country you’re in.

Stacking is also specific to what region you’re in, so this list will also exclude the possibility of stacking to get items for free.

This is just the general guideline I use, but everyone has their own rock bottom prices they like to stock up on. Feel free to comment and let us know what your stock up prices are!

Household: Extreme Couponing Canada Prices

Toilet paper: $4 per 12 pack of Charmin or Cottonelle, $3.50 per 12 pack of Royale or Purex

Laundry Detergent/Fabric Softener: $2 per 32 ld bottle

Bleach: $0.75 per 2.8 L

Spray Cleaner/Refills: $1

Dish soap: $0.50 for a small bottle, $1 for a large bottle

Glad or Ziploc containers: $2

Glad or Ziploc bags: $1 a box

Aerosols: $0.50

Plug-in scented oils/gels: <$2 starter kit

Health and Beauty: Extreme Couponing Canada Prices

Shampoo/Conditioner/Hairspray: $1.50

Body Wash: <$1 especially for men’s which often has high value coupons

Bar soap: $1 per 4 pack or large 2 pack

Deodorant: $0.50

Toothpaste: $0.50

Toothbrushes: < $1

Mouthwash: $2

Razors, mens and womens: $2 per disposable pack or $2 each for non-disposable

Shaving cream: FREE, this is something I’ve never paid for. Just wait for a great sale to be paired with a great coupon, 0r also comes free with razors in special packaging from time to time.

Handsoap: $1 per pump bottle, $3.50 per 2L refill

Qtips: $2 per 400

Feminine products: $1 for pads, $2 for tampons

Pharmacy: Extreme Couponing Canada Prices

Advil/Tylenol/aspirin: FREE, there are often coupons valid on smaller sized bottles or trial sizes

Multivitamins: <$4

Band-aids: $1

Grocery essentials: Extreme Couponing Canada Prices

Bread: <$1 loaf

Flour: $4 per 5 kg

Sugar: $2 per 2 kg

Canned/Frozen/Snack Foods: Extreme Couponing Canada Prices

Condensed soup: $0.25

Ready to eat canned foods: <$0.75

Frozen veggies: $1.50

Frozen meals: <$1

Fries/Potato wedges: $1

Crackers, cookies: <$1

Chips: <$1

Drinks: Extreme Couponing Canada Prices

Canned drinks: $3 per 12 pack

2L bottles: $0.50

Water: $2 per 24 pack

1L juice: $1

10 pack juice boxes: $2

Powerade/Gatorade 6 packs: $4


  1. Thank you :)

    Are these prices before or after coupons?

  2. This is great! Are these prices the sale prices or prices after coupons are used?

    • Tanya

      After coupon prices for the items that regularly have them like deodorant and shampoo but some items are just sale prices such as sugar, frozen veggies and canned drinks :)

  3. Very helpful list. Thanks

  4. Omg where do you shop to get these prices? I’ve never seen them that low before in Vancouver…not even when I use coupons. O.o

    • Tanya

      Hi Dianna,

      A few of these prices may be a little out of date considering the date of the post, but I do still go by a lot of time. You’ve reminded me that this post does need updating though!

      Basically, I’m basing the list on rock bottom prices meaning sales that happen only a few times a year depending on the item. All prices are after coupons if they are items that regularly have coupons available, like body wash, shampoo, feminine products.

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