Extreme Couponing for Free Ice Cream and Cheap Coffee at Save on Foods! $5.96 paid!

extreme couponing canada

This shopping trip was done earlier this week since I had some coupons expiring Oct 31st. So happy a great sale happened before the Skinny Cow coupons expired Nov 9th!

Here’s the breakdown:

3 x Skinny Cow Ice Cream sandwiches $4.99 – (3) $4.99 coupons from special k boxes, not available anymore = FREE
1 x Skinny Cow truffle bars $4.99 – $4.99 coupon from special k boxes, not available anymore = FREE
4 x Van Houtte Coffee $9.99 – (4) $2 coupons from gocoupons.ca, (4) $3 coupons from tearpads, (4) $1.50 coupons from tearpads, (4) $2 printable coupons = $1.49 each
1 x Kinder surprise $1.49 – FPC from save.ca, not available anymore = FREE

Subtotal: $61.41
Taxes: $0, would have been almost $3 but cashier included tax in the coupons
Coupons used: $55.45
Total paid: $5.96

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

18% saved by shopping sale prices
90% coupon savings!


  1. You can stack your coupons ? Whish we could have this in Québec !
    Bravo lucky girl !

  2. How were you able to use more then one coupon on the same item??

    • Tanya

      Save on Foods allows stacking, which is using more than one coupon per product as long as the coupons don’t have restrictions such as “the use of more than one coupon per product is strictly prohibited” or “cannot be combined with any other coupon offer”

  3. Hi Tania! Great score :) I was just wondering if your gocoupons had the ‘cannot be combined with any other offer’ blurb on the bottom because mine do. Also, the link you have for the printable coupon, also has the same blurb on the bottom as well. Doesn’t that mean SOM won’t stack these?

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work, you’ve helped me save tons of money :)

    • Tanya

      Hi Swarnjit,

      Thanks for the positive comments :)

      My Save on Foods will still stack with the wording “cannot be combined with any other offer”. They only restrict the coupons that say specially “cannot be combined with any other COUPON offer” or the P&G ones with the wording, “the use of more than one coupon per product is strictly prohibited”. I believe this varies from store to store though because my local LD won’t stack coupons that say “cannot be combined with any other offer as well.

      • Thanks for the info Tania. I didn’t realize there was a difference with the wording of “other offer” or “other coupon offer”. Do you mind if I ask which SOM you go too? I’m in Surrey, BC. Thanks :)

        • Tanya

          I think the wording “other offer” is open to interpretation where as “other coupon offer” is very specific so some locations will allow it where as others do not.

          I usually go to the Cambie location in Van :)

  4. Thanks Tania :)

  5. That’s awesome info Tanya. I didn’t realize save on did that.

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