Free sample of Reactine on August 16th from



On August 16th, login to your account to sign up for a free Reactine sample! There will be 10,000 samples available and you’ll need a livingwell account to sign up for one. If you don’t already have an account, click here to sign up now so you can access your free sample quickly and easily on the 16th.

I’m surprised this freebie is being offered again so soon, since there was just a Reactine freebie from livingwell last month. I received my sample from that offer earlier this week and it contained a 3 pack of Reactine 20mg extra strength tablets and a $2 coupon off any reactine product. Unfortunately the expiry is rather close at October 31, 2011, but previous Reactine samples have not included a coupon at all!

Click here to sign in and receive your sample on August 16th!

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